Reporting 5.0

Reporting 5.0

Revolutionize reporting with AI

Reporting 5.0

Reporting 5.0 uses latest technologies to make reporting more efficient. Eyetracking, machine learning and artificial intelligence enable customized reporting, the creation of forecasts and automatically suggested follow-ups. By combining these functions we achieve faster data acquisition and significantly increase the business value. 

Roland Werner

By developing 'Reporting 5.0' we have managed to make the advantages of machine learning and artificial intelligence equally usable for the entire reporting process - from data acquisition to end user. Managers can now make important decisions more efficiently and securely than before - and report creators save a considerable amount of time.

Roland Werner, Head of Finance Innovation Lab at PwC

Increasing reporting efficiency

dashboardAuto-adaptive dashboard

Reporting 5.0 analyzes reading behavior via eye tracking, understands information needs and designs reporting structures and visualizations. This way, the user finds the most relevant data immediately or significantly faster. Content that is less important for the recipient is then arranged in a systematic manner.

question_answerReal-time Q&A

The user can ask questions to a bot, e.g. concerning data and key figures, which answers them in real time based on a decision tree. With the rising number of questions, the system is constantly learning new things.

assignmentProject Management Assistant

If the reporting recipient wants to trigger actions as a result of new findings - such as organizing meetings or delegating tasks - he/she can do this easily by using the integrated digital project management assistant.


Reporting recipients can simulate scenarios and create forecasts. Internal as well as external data can be included and linked in the simulation. 


Reporting 5.0
from € 50,000+ consulting project
  • Intelligent and interactive reporting with AI 
  • Relevant insights into corporate value creation
  • Recording of the eye-tracking of the receiver
  • Scenario simulation and forecasting

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