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Tax Rate Analyzer

Automated analysis of the group tax rate

Analyse the group tax rate with the help of the tax reconciliation calculation

The group tax rate and tax reconciliation are mandatory disclosures in the IFRS consolidated financial statements and are determined from the tax reporting of the individual group companies. As it is one of the most important tax indicators, the analysis of the group tax rate is of great importance.

Your benefits

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Individual solution

Get proposed solutions based on your needs and requirements

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Evaluation on demand: View your group tax rate on an annual, quarterly, monthly or daily basis


Increase the efficiency of your workflows through an automated and standardised approach

Managed service approach

As part of our service, we take into account the individual needs of your company and provide you with an interactive solution that graphically presents the results.


Data collection

In order to be able to prepare your data, we need the totals statement as well as the reconciliation statement and a list of companies from your ERP system. If further analysis is to take place, the extended data requirements will be coordinated with you in the kick-off meeting.


Data preparation

Based on the mandatory disclosures in the consolidated financial statements, a workflow was set up, which classifies the most important key figures and determines further indicators relevant for decision making. The data is checked for plausibility by the PwC Engagement Team.


Data analysis

The prepared data is provided in interactive dashboards in PwC Workbench, enabling immediate graphical evaluation of the tax reconciliation. The dashboard dynamically adapts to the selection of specific years, divisions or subsidiaries. This allows the reconciliation of tax expense and impact on the tax rate to be presented visibly and comprehensively across many levels.


Provision of the results

The interactive dashboards are made available to you in the PwC Workbench as a web environment. Only your designated employees are authorised to access the dashboards. PwC places the highest data security requirements on PwC Workbench, which is hosted in the EU.

In the Spotlight



Fulfilment of your individual requirements for the analysis.

  • Kick-off talks and creation of requirements lists
  • Analysis and validation of data sets
  • Customisation of the workflow
  • Visualisation
  • Provisioning in the workbench

€ 9,500

one-time fee

Follow-up assessments

In the following evaluations, we start with the implemented process and can provide you with the results at short notice.

  • Analysis and validation of data sets
  • Visualisation
  • Provisioning in the workbench

€ 3,000

per assessment

Additional services

If you require individual additional services, we can include these in the managed service on the basis of our daily rate.

  • e.g. multi-year overviews, trend analyses, data reports and others
  • further process flow as for implementationg

€ 2,100

per day

Tax Rate Analyzer One Pager

The One Pager provides you with a brief summary of the Managed Service.

Tax Rate Analyzer brochure

The brochure gives you detailed insights into the Managed Service.

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