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VAT Rate Finder

Our solution to identify the applicable VAT rate

Your challenge

Keeping up with the speed and the diversity of the daily VAT business poses a challenge to tax functions. When products are sold directly to end customers (B2C), the issued invoices are required to state the correct VAT rates.

Determining the correct VAT rate in the state of residence can already be more than challenging. In case goods are offered in different countries – with the respective local VAT amount – it quickly becomes impossible to guarantee that all products are invoiced and declared with the correct VAT rates.

Our solution

In many countries, the worldwide-harmonized customs tariff numbers for the classification of goods are a reliable indicator for the applicable VAT rates.

Our VAT Rate Tool offers an easy-to-use, automated solution for the mapping of individual customs tariff numbers as well as tabular mass data (master data) towards the correct VAT rates in different countries.

How does the VAT Rate Finder work?

Our application links the customs tariff numbers of your products (as assigned by you) to the VAT data of the relevant countries. 

It returns the valid VAT rates and, if applicable, the conditions for a reduced rate. To allow for optimal further processing of the output data, the results are visualized in an Excel table.

Roberta Grottini

The VAT Rate Finder is PwC’s solution to one of the most common problems in the daily business with goods – how can I reliably determine the applicable VAT rate for my products in different countries?

Roberta Grottini, Partner, PwC

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VAT Rate Finder
from € 2,500per country
  • mapping of individual customs tariff numbers
  • tabular mass data towards the correct VAT rates in different countries

Stated license fee applicable for customers seated in Germany. Fee for customers from other countries may differ.

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