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VAT Data Check

VAT analysis tool for the review and visualisation of taxable business transactions

Your challenge

Within multinational and dynamic markets, there are often changes in the value chain. It is therefore increasingly challenging for your company's tax department to be able to react to these changes and, where necessary, adapt processes. Similarly, legislative changes and administrative measures in the area of sales tax must be adopted quickly in the tax determination of your ERP system.
For this reason, solutions are needed that identify risks in a timely manner as well as provide recommended actions for eliminating errors and converting processes.

Our solution: A dashboard for VAT analysis and visualisation

PwC has developed the VAT Data Check to interactively identify risks and potential errors. Our application is based on a broad database containing content that goes beyond the sole consideration of your company's financial accounting system. With the support of the VAT Data Check, you can search for VAT inconsistencies in all areas of your company and reconcile different reports.

The VAT Data Check helps you to ensure that the transactions posted in your ERP system are compliant with the law and that the VAT implications are correct. It is also fully customisable to your business needs, business transactions and system environments.

Through many years of experience in VAT analysis and our global PwC network, we can provide you with the ideal solution to guarantee the tax compliance of your VAT declarations and to be able to react to changes as quickly as possible.

Overview of the features

fingerprintInteractive design

Click on the data you need more information about.

thumb_up40+ Checks – ready to go

40+ checks are available immediately upon delivery. We will be happy to customise further checks to suit your specific requirements.

error_outlineIdentification of risks

Cross-divisional analyses will allow you to identify and eliminate potential weaknesses. Precise recommendations assist in the implementation.


Our VAT Data Check is specially designed for the SAP ERP system. This eliminates the need for time-consuming customisation processes.

exit_to_appFast data extraction

By using the SAP-DaRT interface, we can extract all relevant data within a very short time in order to evaluate it subsequently.

view_listWell-structured dashboard

Our dashboard provides you with all the sales tax information you need at a glance.

Information Brochure


VAT Data Check
from € 20,000one-time fee
  • Ready-to-use: No installation and implementation required
  • Individual adaptation to your business processes

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For which ERP systems can the VAT Data Check be used?


The VAT Data Check was designed for SAP R/3 and SAP S/4HANA.



How does a project with VAT Data Check typically proceed?


At the beginning of a project, there is a kickoff workshop in which goals and organisational details are defined. We then extract the data via the SAP standard module DaRT, exchange it via a secure platform and process the data. After that, we will visualise the data in a dashboard you can access through your web browser. Once we have validated the initial results with you and made any necessary adjustments, we will deliver the dashboard to you. You will then be able to access the dashboard in an environment provided by PwC.



How long should I expect the project to take?

A project usually takes two to four weeks to complete.



What outcome can I expect as a customer?


You will receive a dashboard with numerous sales tax audit routines and overviews, as well as a summary of the main results delivered in a presentation.



Which system requirements do I have to meet as a customer in order to use the VAT Data Check?


The DaRT module must be set up. If this is not the case, we are able to set up the module for you. It is used by default for Z3 accesses of the tax audit and regularly requested by auditors. In addition, the VAT audit routines are based on data from the MM, FI and SD modules.



For which industries is the solution applicable?


The solution is designed for internationally active and medium-sized companies in the manufacturing sector.



Are the checks pre-determined or can individual ones be created for specific topics?


More than 40 inspection routines are delivered as default. However, further industry or topic-specific checks can be developed and evaluated in consultation with you.



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