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VAT Report Look

Do you struggle with sales tax validation? It's easy now!

Your challenge

Sales tax and input tax checks are carried out on a regular basis in many companies. In most cases, the tax office requires such data preparation in advance of tax audits.

This involves comparing the data from the advance VAT returns with those from the annual financial statements. The key question is: does the data correspond and if not, where are the deviations and possible needs for correction?

Our solution

If you use SAP as your ERP system, we can offer you a special solution for sales and input tax validation. This provides security, not least with regard to a possible sales tax audit by the tax authorities.

The VAT Report Look creates a check from the data of the SAP standard reports RFBILA00 (P&L/Annual Financial Statements), RFUMSV10 (Additional List for Advance Return for Value Added Tax) and RFUMSV00 (Advance Return for Value Added Tax), which can then be validated and compared with the submitted advance returns for value added tax and the annual financial statements.

Your results

The result of the validation is presented as a clear pivot table in Excel. The data can thus be intuitively checked for plausibility and significant deviations can be detected.

Our application marks significant deviations and gives you all the information you need.


One-Click Testing

Start your sales tax validation with just one click


Our solution is prepared for individual requirements

Data Basis: SAP

Our solution works seamlessly with the data extracted from your SAP ERP system.

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VAT Report Look
starting from € 5,500 one-time fee
  • Unlimited access
  • Sales and input tax validation made easy
  • Security in the sales tax audit by the tax authorities

Stated license fee applicable for customers seated in Germany. Fee for customers from other countries may differ.

The prices listed are net prices and subject to the statutory value added tax


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