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VAT Report Look

VAT testing made easy

Create certainty in the preparation of the sales and input tax audit

VAT and input tax checks are already regularly carried out by many companies today. Often, the tax office also requires such data preparation in the run-up to audits. This involves a comparison of the data declared with the advance VAT returns with those of the financial accounting.



Time saving

With VAT Report Look you can save up to 90% of the time needed to create the validation manually.


from SAP reports

Only data from 3 SAP standard reports are needed to create the validations.


of your group companies

VAT Report Look can be used by all group companies at no additional cost.

How does the VAT Report Look work?

With VAT Report Look you can start your VAT validation with just one click. Our solution works smoothly with the data extracted from your SAP ERP system


Export SAP reports

In the first step, the required SAP reports RFBILA00, RFUMSV10 and RFUMSV00 are exported from SAP.


Start sampling

Then you can start the validation. This opens a dialogue window that guides you through the next steps. Note: The use of macros must be activated for the workbook.


Import SAP reports into the tool

In the next step, the exported SAP reports must be read into the tool using the input mask.


Check the formatting of the data to be read in

The tool offers you the possibility to check the formatting of the reports and, if necessary, adjust it to prevent possible read-in errors. Alternatively, the creation of the check can also be started directly.


Evaluate validation

The validation is created and can finally be saved by you. Your booking data can now be checked for plausibility and completeness.

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