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Check VAT IDs intuitively and professionally - even in mass data procedures

Your challenge

Companies selling products and services across international borders in EU countries must use customers' valid VAT IDs in their invoices. The business owners themselves are responsible for the accuracy of information. In case the VAT ID is incorrect, your company may have to pay 19% VAT on what is actually a VAT-exempted good or non-taxable supply of service. Therefore, it is essential to ensure in a qualified manner that the VAT IDs used are correct. You can be on the safe side by regularly and systematically checking the VAT IDs of all your customers (and suppliers).

Our solution

Simply let our web-based solution VAT ID LookUp work for you to find out which VAT IDs are invalid - and whether they are linked to the specified company name, address data. The result can be archived in compliance with law for any future request from the tax office.

Your benefits


Easily check 1 or 10,000 VAT IDs


Get the result in just a few minutes

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Tangible, easy-to-implement recommendations on individual customers and suppliers


Verification takes place via up to three official interfaces: BZSt, FinanzOnline and VIES


Hosting via PwC Server


Easy-to-use user interface for the web-based solution

Information Brochure


Package 1
€ 2,100per year
  • For companies with rather few master data records
  • For up to 3,000 master data records with VAT ID across all corporate group companies and up to 100,000 queries per year
Package 2
€ 2,600per year
  • For companies with a large number of master data records
  • For more than 3,000 master data records with VAT ID across all corporate group companies and up to 150,000 queries per year

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