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Verification of VAT identification numbers in mass proceedings

Businesses that sell products and services across borders in EU countries must use valid VAT identification numbers of their customers in their invoices. The problem is that business owners themselves are responsible for the accuracy of the information. If the VAT identification number is incorrect, your company may have to pay 19% VAT on what is actually a tax-free supply or non-taxable other service. It is therefore essential to ensure that the VAT identification numbers used are correct. You can be on the safe side by regularly and systematically checking the VAT identification numbers of all your customers (and suppliers).


Whether 1 or 10,000


With our scalable solution you can easily check all VAT IDs.

Just a few minutes

to get a result

Get the result in a short period of time when checking the VAT identification numbers.


official interfaces

Reliable verification is carried out via up to three official interfaces: BZSt, FinanzOnline and VIES.

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