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Smart Business Insight Suite

The innovative tool for your tax and finance department

Transparency and control over your processes, information and risks

The challenges

  • As a finance and/or tax department, how do I keep track of the state and responsibilities within the global processes, controls, risks and compliance obligations?
  • How can I collect financial and tax-related information from my organisation in a structured and efficient way in order to determine actions based on it?
  • How can I identify my financial and tax-related risks, track changes on an ongoing basis and initiate countermeasures?


    Worldwide use

    The SaaS solution is used by over 50 medium-sized and large companies worldwide


    Data security is important to us. The software is therefore hosted in a secure environment in the EU. Your data remains in the EU at all times.


    Die Lösung wird von Ihnen verwaltet, z.B. bei der Definition neuer Prozesse. Sie profitieren jedoch von laufenden Updates, dem Hosting und einem technischen Support.

    A global and integrated solution

    The three modules Smart Collaboration, Smart Survey and Smart Tax Risks and Controls interact with each other and can be used as software as a service in all companies of your international group.

    Smart Collaboration

    A web-based process management tool that supports you in efficiently collaborating across locations and departments. Unknown deadlines, difficulties finding the latest version of a document or missed emails are now a thing of the past.

    Operational Risks / Tax CMS

    In addition, Smart Collaboration includes the Operational Risks Module (add-on) to capture identified operational risks. At the same time, you can link the implemented controls and measures to the processes. This digitally operationalises your Tax CMS.

    Smart Survey

    The module supports you in gathering information and files due to configurable question types and decision trees. Insights can be gained more efficiently than through interviews or mails. The solution also offers intuitive interaction and upload possibilities.

    Smart Tax Risks and Controls

    The risk management tool helps you capture your financial opportunities and risks as well as your risk minimisation plan. Using clearly structured visualisations, you analyse and evaluate your financial risks in detail and keep track of the risk progression or the change in the risk profile.


    Additional interactive dashboards provide executive employees in the tax and finance function with aggregated key tax compliance information. The visualisations can be broken down to individual processes via the different levels.

    In the Spotlight


    Smart Survey Stand-Alone

    Fragebogen-Tool als Stand-Alone Lösung (ohne Prozesse und Fristen) 

    • Interactive and independently configurable questionnaires for the structured collection of information, data and documents

    • Different question types (e.g. free text, single-select, multi-select) and decision trees

    • Initial provision of the instance

    • Hosting (incl. management of servers, infrastructure, updates & patches etc.)

    • Without limitation of the number of users

    from € 5,000

    Annual SaaS fee (we agree a fixed price with you)

    Basic package

    Smart Collaboration (without Operational Risks) and Smart Survey

    • Scope of services as for Smart Survey Stand-Alone
    • Additionally included: Efficient management of your processes and worldwide (tax) compliance
    • Additionally included: Process and deadline monitoring
    • Additionally included: Standardised dashboards

    from € 15,000

    Annual SaaS fee (we agree a fixed price with you)

    Basic package Plus

    Smart Collaboration (including Operational Risks) and Smart Survey

    • Scope of services as for basic package
    • Additionally included: Mapping and assessment of operational risks (Tax CMS)
    • Additionally included: Linking operational risks with controls and measures
    • Additionally included: Linking the controls and measures to the processes
    • Additionally included: Tax CMS dashboards (e.g. risk control matrices)

    From € 21,000

    Annual SaaS fee (we agree a fixed price with you)

    Premium package

    Smart Collaboration (including Operational Risks), Smart Survey and Smart Tax Risks and Controls

    • Scope of services as for Basic Package Plus

    • Additionally included: Tax risk repository to capture and quantify financial risks

    • Additionally included: Risk map with potential amount of damage, probability of occurrence and risk progression

    from € 27,000

    Annual SaaS fee (we agree a fixed price with you)

    Implementation consulting

    From experience approx. 5 to 10 person days (depending on the package chosen)

    Initial setup of users and metadata

    Conceptual design of relevant processes, tasks, risks and controls

    Initial set-up of existing risks, controls and measures

    Quality assurance, testing, training

    GoLive Support

    2.100 €

    per person day

    Smart Business Insight Suite – One Pager

    With the One Pager you get a short summary of the solution, which you can share with colleagues.

    Smart Business Insight Suite – Brochure

    The brochure gives you detailed insights into our solution.

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