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Smart Business Insight Suite – the innovative tool for your tax and finance department

Transparency and control over your processes, information and risks

Use the latest technologies in finance and taxation

  • As a finance and/or tax department, how do I keep track of the state and responsibilities within the global processes, controls, risks and compliance obligations?
  • How can I collect financial and tax-related information from my organisation in a structured and efficient way in order to determine actions based on it?
  • How can I identify my financial and tax-related risks, track changes on an ongoing basis and initiate countermeasures?

The Smart Business Insight Suite at a glance

With the Smart Business Insight Suite, PwC Germany offers a software solution (Software as a Service) that addresses the issues surrounding finance and tax processes and is specifically tailored to the needs of internationally active companies with decentralised tax functions. The suite consists of the three modules Smart Collaboration, Smart Survey and Smart Tax Risks and Controls. These contain functionalities for process, control and risk management as well as for information collection. The functionality of the Smart Business Insight Suite follows an intuitive approach. Thereby, we use state-of-the-art web technology.

Smart Collaboration

Process management with flexible records area

The Smart Collaboration module is a web-based process management tool for the finance and tax area of your company that supports you in efficiently collaborating across locations and departments. Unknown deadlines, difficulties in finding the latest version of a document or missed e-mails are now a thing of the past.

Independently establish customised workflows, standardised processes, corresponding risks and controls, tasks, deadlines, clear responsibilities, a flexible document area and much more.

The automatic deadline tracking supports you and your employees in completing all tasks on time.

In addition, you can transfer already defined processes and tasks to the next year with just one click (so-called rollforward function). Monitor the status of your processes in the group in real time via a global dashboard – at the level of individual companies, states or federal states.

Smart Collaboration increases work efficiency and facilitates interdisciplinary and cross-border collaboration in complex contexts.

In addition, Smart Collaboration includes the Operational Risk Module. This application is used to record the operational risks identified in your group at the company level. Simultaneously, you can assign the implemented controls and responsible individuals and establish a link with the processes from Smart Collaboration. This enables you to map the risk-control matrix in the Smart Business Insight Suite and implement it productively.

Through the functionalities of the Operational Risk Module, Smart Business Insight Suite can be integrated as an innovative and digital component of your Tax Compliance Management System (Tax CMS). The risk analysis and the implementation of controls are verifiably documented. This is particularly recommended for the purpose of achieving an exoneration from liability in the event of incorrect tax returns or tax audit findings.

Smart Survey

Intelligent questionnaire tool for collecting decision-relevant data that is not recorded in your ERP system

The Smart Survey module supports you in gathering and sharing relevant information in the finance and tax area of your organisation. Insights can be gained more efficiently and effectively than with traditional methods such as interviews. The software solution offers intuitive interaction possibilities between users and combines this with a strict and secure access management.

Smart Survey offers you the possibility to create your own individualised and intelligent surveys using a wide range of question types and decision trees. This ensures the timely fulfilment of compliance obligations, structured collection of information and successful implementation of your projects.

Smart Tax Risks and Controls

Financial risk management and monitoring application

The risk management tool helps you capture your financial opportunities and risks as well as your risk minimisation plan. Using clearly structured visualisations, you analyse and evaluate your financial risks in detail and keep track of the risk progression or the change in the risk profile. You can also use this data when reporting to the various stakeholders.

The advantages of the Smart Business Insight Suite

Our modular solution offers you important functionalities for your finance and tax function of the future.


Recording, tracking and evaluation of processes, risks, controls, tasks and responsibilities as well as mapping and documentation of your Tax CMS


Questionnaire-based information exchange with configurable question types and decision trees, file attachments per question and distribution to the desired addressees 



Centralised recording and tracking of financial opportunities, risks and controls by country and division



Status monitoring, e.g. by risk overview according to potential damage and probability of occurrence, risk histories, changes in the risk profile within the various observation periods.



High degree of user-friendliness for administrators and end-users



Proven technology combined with finance and tax expertise



Quick to use and individually customisable



Managed by you, i.e. no dependence on the provider after the initial setup


Securely hosted in the EU

Find out more about the Smart Business Insight Suite


The basic package includes the products Smart Collaboration and Smart Survey. The Smart Tax Risks and Controls module is available as an add-on to the basic package. 

PwC hosting, maintenance and annual licence
From € 25,000Annual SaaS fee
  • Initial installation of the application
  • Hosting (incl. management of servers, infrastructure, updates & patches etc.)
  • Software updates of the Smart Business Insight Suite
  • Without limitation on number of users
  • Efficient management of your processes and global compliance
  • Integration into your tax compliance management system
  • Comprehensive toolkit for your finance and tax department
Add-On Smart Tax Risk and Controls: from € 7,500 (annual SaaS-Fee)
Implementation consulting
on requestone-time costs

From 10 people-days for a standard implementation project

  • Initial setup of users and metadata
  • Conceptual design of relevant processes, tasks, risks and controls
  • Development of the required questionnaires
  • Technical documentation and installation
  • Quality assurance, testing, training
  • GoLive Support

Subsequent ongoing support

Digitise your process management

Redesign your global process and compliance management system! We are pleased to advise you.

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Why is global process management important for tax and finance operations?

Regulatory requirements and advancing globalisation present internationally active companies with a multitude of organisational problems. It is not always easy to keep track of compliance responsibilities. Under certain circumstances, this can also give rise to liability risks. With the Smart Business Insight Suite, PwC supports you with an innovative and, above all, intuitive tool for managing and monitoring your global compliance processes and responsibilities.

What are the benefits of compliance and risk management as well as process monitoring for companies?

Companies have to comply with legal requirements and obligations, regardless of the extent of their international integration. In the case of multinational companies, this management responsibility expands proportionately. Therefore, homogeneous management in the form of uniform documentation, procedures and mapping of processes is essential. The mapping of processes in the Smart Business Insight Suite means that process responsibilities are clearly defined and all process steps are taken into account. The integrated document system leads to clear and verifiable documentation in the event of audits or matters relevant under criminal law. In addition, the setting of internal deadlines supports resource planning.

For which tax and financial processes is the Smart Business Insight Suite suitable?

Generally, the Smart Business Insight Suite is suitable for all processes. The tool can be individually customised by you. This means that processes with a small number of sub-steps, but also a large number of individual processing steps can be recorded. The individual configuration allows you to react flexibly to changes at any time and you are completely independent of external consultants.

Who can work within the Smart Business Insight Suite?

You can enable both internal and external employees and consultants for the Smart Business Insight Suite. You can use the authorisation concept of the suite so that your data is protected at all times. Access rights can be adjusted by the administrators you define. The software can therefore be managed independently of PwC. There is no restriction on the number of users or administrators. Your licence costs are independent of the amount of users you have.

How can I change processes and define new processes?

Using the "Edit Multiple" option, you can adjust various tasks in one run. Furthermore, it is possible to upload new processes by means of a collected upload and to link the tasks directly (batch upload). Your PwC contact persons will be happy to assist you with the initial implementation and will train your administrators and super users for independent operational implementation. The rollforward feature allows you to transfer all processes that are repeated in the following year, e.g. the submission of the monthly preliminary VAT returns or quarterly financial statements. This involves a manual effort, but is completed within a few minutes and offers enormous savings potential compared to the adaptation of Excel files and drive structures.

How does the PwC Engagement Team support the implementation?

In general, you can set up and operate the tool completely on your own. However, we are happy to offer you our support for the initial implementation. We will work with you to determine the project plan, define the metadata, processes and responsibilities, train your employees (especially the administrators and super users) in the use of the suite and work with you in the user acceptance phase. In addition, we take over the transfer to operational readiness by uploading the metadata. In total, the implementation process based on the aforementioned steps usually takes 5 to 10 working days. This depends on your needs.

How can actions for companies be derived from tax and financial information?

With Smart Survey, you can collect tax information within your company. The configuration can be individually designed and adapted. In addition, a connection can be made with the processes to be worked on. The information collected in this way can be evaluated in a unified format and used for further process steps, e.g. the preparation of the tax return or tax structuring.

Is the Smart Business Insight Suite suitable for mapping and documenting a Tax Compliance Management System (Tax CMS)?

Operational risks and controls can be mapped using the integrated operational risk module. The risk-control matrix can be exported ad hoc using the reporting options of the Smart Business Insight Suite. This maps essential components of an appropriate and effective Tax CMS. In addition, the control implementation can be confirmed intuitively and the documentation can be linked or uploaded, e.g. on the drive or in the company's internal cloud. Changes to the control implementation status can be evaluated and verified with a time stamp for audit purposes.

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