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Mass Claims Machine

Process and defend against demand letters and mass claims automatically

Digital help for your defence in mass proceedings

As a company with a large number of customers, the risk of becoming the target of specialised law firms for plaintiffs or legal tech providers increases. The latter enables customers to assert possible claims against your company with just a few clicks – often in the form of lawsuits.


Efficient solution

You benefit from a state-of-the-art, technologically efficient solution that greatly accelerates tedious processes.

Cost savings

You keep the settlement and litigation costs of transactions and legal disputes low and avoid dunning costs.

Transparent correspondence

We support you in making correspondence with affected customers transparent and in handling it efficiently.

Continuous monitoring

We (optionally) check all automatically generated documents for you with the utmost care and continuously monitor the Mass Claims Machine.

Digital help for your mass claims defence: Mass Claims Machine

PwC supports your company in analysing and processing demand letters as well as the defence against mass claims – both in non-cross-border and cross-border proceedings.


The Dashboard

  • Customisable user interface
  • KPIs in real time, including processing state, progress of claims procedures, risks, costs and any provisions to be made
  • Further parameters can be selected, e.g. number of cases, success rates by court, scope of class actions per plaintiff's representative


The analysis tool

  • Screening of incoming documents using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and enhanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
  • Extraction of individual information such as deadlines and dates for oral negotiations
  • Capture individual parameters – including information on claimants and facts as well as legal arguments – using artificial intelligence (AI)


The automation tool

  • Creating and maintaining digital files
  • Control of deadlines and costs to be incurred
  • Coordination of all steps in the process as well as settlement negotiations
  • Automatic creation of documents – for example for the statement of defence

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