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Cloud Placement Organizer

Automated placement design of workloads in the cloud

Cloud migration strategy and planning for complex IT landscapes

Companies that want to migrate their IT to the cloud are faced with time-consuming, mostly manual planning. Especially with very large IT environments and multi- or hybrid cloud strategies, migration planning quickly becomes complex and ties up a lot of resources.



accelerated planning

The Cloud Placement Organiser significantly accelerates the planning process, especially for large IT landscapes, and thus achieves more freedom in the project.


Plannable servers and apps

Due to high automation, even very large IT landscapes can be planned for the cloud in the shortest possible time

Three steps to optimised cloud planning

The Cloud Placement Organiser can play to its strengths, especially in very large IT landscapes with several thousand servers and applications, making the complexity in cloud transformation projects manageable and accelerating the progress of the project.


Upload data

The data of your IT landscape can be easily fed into the application via drag & drop using an Excel-based data entry template. The template can be downloaded in advance if required.


Select constraints

The planning of systems in the cloud is based on business and technical requirements to be met. Together with you, we select the applicable requirements from a best-practice catalogue - or we adapt these individually for you.


Execute order

After the data has been uploaded, the automated planning is started and a possible target distribution is calculated.

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