Insurance Results Projector

Data-driven risk analysis

Data analytics solution for prediction claims expenses

With the Insurance Results Projector, we take care of estimating underwriting results for you. The data analytics solution for insurance companies estimates on the basis of data from the past, the future profits from portfolios of property and casualty insurance contracts

Your benefits


Faster digitisation

Digitise your processes twice as fast with the Insurance Results Projector compared to the in-house solution and position your company for the future

30 %

Cost savings

Reduction of personnel expense and relief of the controlling department

100 %

End-to-end service

From data acquisition and the definition of assumptions to the graphical preparation of results

Estimate of claims expenses

Reliability and adequacy of the process has been confirmed by the use of the Insurance Results Projector in numerous annual audits of insurance companies by market leader PwC.


Import of damage frequencies and levels

First, we extract from your accounting system your actual historical loss frequencies and levels separately for each portfolio. Then, the data is normalized to today's conditions by the Insurance Results Projector (indexing).


Detection of the probability distribution

The Insurance Results Projector then graphically prepares the normalized loss frequencies and the average loss amounts. Our industry experts then determine the probability distribution for these two variables.


Predictive Analytics

Based on the determined probability distribution of the variables "loss frequency" and "average loss amount", the loss expenditure is now estimated by a Monte Carlo simulation (predictive analytics).


Risk assessment

The position of the projected loss expenses in the historical probability distribution thus allows a final risk assessment to be made with regard to the amount of the loss expenses.

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