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Identify unused servers and save IT costs

Unused servers can be expensive – identifying them is a challenge

Many companies, regardless of industry, face a similar challenge: the server infrastructure has historically grown and grown. This leads to unnoticed and unused servers and the system landscape is sometimes difficult to keep track of.


€ 60 Mio.


60,000,000,000 € are wasted by companies worldwide per year on cloud services they do not need.

360 kg

CO2 emissions

A single server generates  360 kg CO2 emissions each year.

30 %

unused servers

An estimated 30 percent of servers in data centres are unused.

Our solution for identifying and shutting down unused servers

Decommissioning-as-a-Service is PwC's end-to-end tool that identifies the unused servers and then comprehensively guides the decommissioning process together with our experts. We make sure you get the perfect solution. That's why our services are always tailored to your business.


Discovery and Assessment Phase

Our team checks the monitoring data and prepares it for the process in a comprehensible and transparent way. Subsequently, the so-called training of artificial intelligence takes place. As a result, the AI creates a candidate list for unused servers that can be decommissioned.


Test phase

On the basis of the generated and checked list, the savings potential is evaluated and the systems are subjected to the so-called "scream test" (evaluation of whether the servers are really unused). Afterwards, a decision can be made on whether a server should be switched off temporarily and as a test.


Implementation phase

The systems that have been subjected to a "scream test" are finally decommissioned if the test is successful. There is a standardised process at this point, which is accompanied by PwC. In this way, the documentation and all other requirements can be fulfilled.

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