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Forecast Plus – software for financial planning

Automated financial forecasting

Forecasting and financial planning with AI - increase accuracy

In corporate steering, the focus is on the future. Increasing dynamics of markets make it difficult for many companies to predict developments and generate an accurate financial forecast. Preparing a financial plan is not only time-consuming and cost-intensive, it is also highly error-prone and the forecasts are subjectively watered-down. This makes corporate steering more difficult.

Until now, financial planning has been built up in a lengthy process using individual simulation models and the specialized knowledge of individual employees. This leaves many CFOs/CEOs with the feeling that they have not taken all the information into account or have no objective basis for decision-making - to the detriment of strategic corporate planning.

Confidence in financial forecasts is a key issue at this point, both for leaders and for the capital market, which punishes a profit warning harshly. There is all the more need for more efficient planning of key financial figures with reliable and objective results.

The solution: Our software for your automated financial planning

PwC's Forecast Plus is the optimal tool for your AI-based financial planning. It provides you with a fact-based, objective and efficient foundation for decision-making and corporate steering. The software analyzes large amounts of data and shows you market changes at an early stage. Precise, AI-based financial forecasts minimize unexpected deviations, ensure added certainty for business decisions and free up resources.

Our financial forecasting software digitizes your forecasting and planning process, enabling predictions "at the push of a button". At the same time, your team focuses on generating valuable insights as a business partner. In doing so, Forecast Plus provides you with steering-relevant information such as identified business drivers and their respective relevance. With them, concrete simulation calculations can be built within the forecast horizon and used for decision-making or planning - a valuable advantage for your integrated financial planning.

The benefits of our AI-based software Forecast Plus

trending_upAccurate predictions

Accurate forecasting of financial key figures enables corporate steering to be carried out with greater certainty.


By combining machine learning and AI, insights are generated without bias.

alarm_onQuick results

Gained insights can be immediately deployed to support corporate steering

historySteering-relevant results

Identified drivers provide strategic input to business development and enable data-driven conclusions and simulations


More infos

Insights into our financial planning tool for your finance transformation

Next level financial planning and analysis

What does the deployment of Forecast Plus look like?


Pilot project

  • Experience the possibilities of AI-based forecasts in comparison to manual planning and let us convince you of our forecast accuracy
  • Discover which external drivers are relevant for your company
  • Benefit from our experience and gain confidence in forecasting and data-driven planning
  • To do this, we jointly identify internal and external data sources, adapt the Forecast Plus software to your needs, and optimize based on the initial results.

Roll out & onboarding

  • With us, extend the results validated in the pilot to all relevant predictive dimensions (e.g. to other regions, business units, etc.).
  • Work with us to customize the Forecast Plus software to your specific business needs to achieve the best results
  • Learn how to work with the forecasts and information provided and how to profitably integrate them into the planning process

Forecast as a Service

  • Use our service and receive your monthly forecasts, integrated into your processes and supervised by our experts
  • Benefit from our well-rehearsed approach: from data upload and result provision to joint training and workshops to continuously improve the implemented predictions
  • Save time and costs, which you can use for defining resulting measures and corporate steering in a value-enhancing way


The prices depend on the respective revenue size of your company.

All packages require an initial pilot project with subsequent roll out and onboarding. The pilot project is available from € 20,000, the roll out and onboarding is priced individually according to scope. Please feel free to contact us.

The price includes quarterly "Insights Sessions" with our experts for continuous analysis and improvement of the generated forecasts and insights as well as annual "Upskilling Sessions" on methodology and current trends in the field of time series forecasting.

Client size S
€ 1,995per month

Client size:
less than € 300 m. revenue per year

Client size M
€ 3,195per month

Client size:
between € 300 m. and € 1bn. revenue per year

Client size L
€ 10,495per month

Client size:
more than € 1 bn. revenue per year

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