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Forecast Plus

Intelligent forecasting

Take your business steering to a whole new level with artificial intelligence

The increasing dynamics of the markets make it difficult for many companies to predict developments and generate a precise forecast.

Forecasting for data-based corporate management

Forecast Plus from PwC is the ideal tool for your AI-based forecasting along the entire value chain. No matter whether you want to use it to forecast your key financial figures, production quantities or personnel requirements.


Pilot project

  • Experience the possibilities of AI-based forecasts in comparison to manual planning and let us convince you of our forecast accuracy 
  • Discover which external drivers are relevant for your company 
  • Benefit from our experience and gain confidence in forecasting and data-driven planning 
  • To do this, we jointly identify internal and external data sources, adapt the Forecast Plus software to your needs, and optimise based on the initial results


Roll-out und Onboarding

  • With us, extend the results validated in the pilot to all relevant predictive dimensions (e.g. to other regions, business units, etc.). 
  • Customise our forecasting software with us to meet your specific business requirements and get, for example, a financial forecasting software tailored to your needs
  • Learn how to work with the forecasts and information provided and how to profitably integrate them into the planning process


Forecast as a Service

  • Use our service and receive your monthly forecasts, integrated into your processes and supervised by our experts 
  • Benefit from our well-rehearsed approach: from data upload and result provision to joint training and workshops to continuously improve the implemented predictions 
  • Save time and costs that you can use for defining resulting measures and corporate steering in a value-enhancing way


156 million euros

prevented average loss

Accurate forecasting of financial key figures enables corporate steering to be carried out with greater certainty.

95 % - 99,5 %

average accuracy of predictions

By combining machine learning and AI, insights are generated without bias.

< 1 day

for an accurate forecast

Forecasting takes less than a day, i.e. 4-10 times faster compared to the calculation without Forecast Plus. Gained insights can be immediately deployed to support corporate steering.

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