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Trade Activator – supply chain analytics solution – optimize supply chain and customs clearance

Analyse, optimise, realise

Customs clearance and supply chain management are increasing in complexity

90% of all internationally trading companies have to face the challenges of customs clearance and on average lose 10% of their expenses due to excessive import duties, fines or reputational damage. Furthermore, in our volatile trade economy, the demands on supply chain management (SCM) are increasing. When companies face unprecedented geopolitical or other extraordinary events such as trade wars, Brexit or COVID-19, an optimized supply chain and customs clearance is critical to keep the flow of goods and business up and running. This can ultimately make the difference between success or failure for companies. The area of trade compliance is also becoming increasingly important in this environment. Using analytics to detect violations and optimize customs activities, Trade Activator is the solution for companies to reduce customs / customs clearance expenses, limit risks and make better plans for the future.

The solution for an optimized supply chain and trade compliance

We use our Trade Activator as part of our managed service offering to you, to analyze customs and international trade activities, to reduce customs duties and to optimize the cash flow. In addition, our service helps you to recover overpayments due to insufficient use of free trade agreements or missing preferential documentation.

Furthermore, Trade Activator enables companies to understand the impact of COVID-19 on their imports and the resulting import duties. When business is disrupted by current events, an agile understanding of trade compliance issues can limit negative press or avoidable fines. Trade Activator uses machine learning in combination with advanced global trade and supply chain analytics to evaluate transaction data and information from a variety of sources. The flow of information is made available to you in the form of a predictive analysis.

With the help of Trade Activator, we have supported clients in various industries from pharmaceuticals to manufacturing to identify overpayments of import duties at customs, partially or fully recover them for the past 3 years, resulting in millions of savings annually. 

The benefits

We help with almost no effort on the client side in the areas of:

tollDuty exposure

Identify savings opportunities in order to reduce duty spend

searchRisk identification

Identify potential non-compliance with customs authorities and inefficiencies


Recover past duty overpayments

all_inclusiveSupply chain transparency

Achieve supply chain optimisation and transparency by fully analysing current and past global trade operations


Ensure the accuracy of products tarriff classifications

find_replaceFuture planning

Predict and assess custom costs through basing the analysis on the geopolitical landscape


Trade Activator - Compliance and optimization analysis
from € 9,000one-time
  • Price depends on data volume regarding products, sourcing countries, import locations, pricing structures
  • Requesting of data from customs authorities and data processing
  • Optional evaluation of paid duties and applied customs values/rates, sourcing countries, flows of goods
  • Optional plausibility check of customs tariff numbers and alternative proposal if necessary
  • Presentation of the results and identification of compliance risks and optimization possibilities
Possible Add-Ons include Sourcing Helpdesk, Classification Helpdesk, Trend Analysis

Optimize your supply chain and trade compliance

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I have received an order for a customs audit. Is the Trade Activator a customs analytics solution that can help me prepare?


Yes, Trade Activator is a customs analytics solution that evaluates your customs activities during the audit period for any risks. For this purpose we request your customs data from the customs authorities. After receiving the data, you will receive our evaluation within 2 to 3 weeks. Furthermore, the Trade Activator can be used for risk analysis within the framework of Tax Compliance Management Systems (TCMS).

I have imports and exports from and to several countries. Is it possible to receive an evaluation of imports and exports with the Trade Activator for other countries?


Yes, we can request your customs data of your imports and exports from the customs authorities not only in Germany but also in other countries. Thus you receive a complete analysis of your imports and exports using Trade Activator, which provides information in the area of customs analytics as well as supply chain analytics.

Is Trade Activator a solution for optimizing the supply chain?


Trade Activator analyzes the customs aspects of your supply chain. You will learn which sourcing countries enable cost-efficient material procurement, which suppliers are subject to particularly high import duties, how the customs value of which deliveries is made up, and much more. Based on the analysis results, you can make qualified decisions on the most cost-effective sourcing model from a customs and logistics perspective. The Trade Activator thus combines the advantages of a customs analytics solution and a supply chain analytics solution.

What different analyses of my customs data does the Trade Activator offer?


Trade Activator analyzes your customs data, e.g. with regard to import and export volume by sourcing country/target market, supplier, customer, customs tariff numbers used, use of free trade agreements and customs preferences along the entire supply chain. Your customs data is analyzed with regard to compliance with EU customs regulations (e.g. official customs tariff data, preference rules) in order to check the legal security of your import transactions and to identify optimization potential.

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