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Trade Activator

Optimisation of supply chains and customs clearance

The solution for an optimised supply chain and trade compliance

Using analytics to detect breaches and optimise customs activities, Trade Activator is the solution for businesses to reduce customs/customs spend, limit risk and make better plans for the future.


10 %

loss of customs duties

Companies lose 10% of their total customs expenditure due to over-assessments, inefficiencies and fines.

90 %

face the challenges of customs clearance

The majority of international trading companies have difficulties in dealing with customs processes due to the complexity of the customs procedure.

We follow a transparent and logical approach to analysis

With our managed service, you only have to do a minimum of work. All you have to do is give us power of attorney to apply for your data from the customs authorities. We take care of the communication with the customs authorities.


Define object of analysis

The analysis of your customs clearance can focus on different content-related focal points and processes, specific importing countries, group companies and time periods. We define together with you what the focus should be.


Create a database

We obtain the analysis data from the local customs authorities or your broker or extract it directly from your systems. In doing so, we always have the best possible data quality in mind. This data is then structured for the actual analysis.


Carrying out the analysis

We analyse your data with regard to the predefined questions in all customs dimensions: In this way, we generate valuable insights into the use of preferential agreements, declared customs tariff numbers and customs procedures, flows of goods, customs duties paid and much more.


Quantitative evaluation

In this first evaluation step, we let the numbers speak for themselves. The analysis data is clearly presented in dashboards to provide valuable insights.


Qualitative evaluation

In the second evaluation step, we fill the figures with life: Can customs duties be optimised by using preferential agreements? Why are goods for non-EU markets customs cleared in the EU? The findings are prepared separately for use at C-level and for the working level.

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