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Connected Journey Suite – Salesforce-SAP integration

"SAP to Salesforce, Salesforce to SAP": Connecting your Salesforce CRM and your SAP S/4HANA ERP into one platform ecosystem

Your SAP Salesforce integration challenge

The seamless and consistent user experience for customers, business partners, and employees is the future of functional IT landscapes – especially the close connection of CRM and ERP as a digital platform ecosystem. Therefore, choosing the right strategic tools for this is a key concern of an institutional software strategy.

Our solution

The Connected Journey Suite serves as a Salesforce-SAP link and enables Salesforce CRM and SAP S/4HANA ERP to interlock event-based, end-to-end, and bidirectionally. The tool thus lays the foundation for a uniform platform ecosystem each digitization strategy thrives for.

The Connected Journey Suite combines standard functionality of the two market leaders SAP and Salesforce via an open industry standard, the Cloud Information Model (CIM), as the canonical data model.


The Connected Journey Suite brings together what belongs together: sales-side and financial data processing. The challenge here is that Salesforce and SAP S/4HANA are each based on a different internal business logic. In the Connected Journey Suite, they are combined semantically into one system through the use of an integration platform.


The connection of SAP and Salesforce enables companies to create completely new customer journeys out of the box – and thus harmonized processes for employees. The rapid integration of the tool ensures that customers, the expansion of digital solutions and the development of new business models can once again become the focus of work.


By using the open industry standard of the Cloud Information Model (CIM), we have the possibility to react flexibly to the cloud systems used and to connect further cloud and on-premise systems. The suite thus lays the foundation for a unified multi-cloud ecosystem.


Out-of-the-box full end-to-end connectivity
Reduced business logic complexity
High standard use of both manufacturers
Shortened time-to-market
Strategic roadmap foundation
Freeing innovation budget

The features of the Connected Journey Suite


The lead-to-cash-to-care experience happens with the combined standard functionalities of Salesforce CRM and SAP S/4HANA and their respective business mapping.


Working with the suite is completely possible without programming and development works or individualized interfaces for the suite’s standard connectivity.


Standard Salesforce objects such as accounts, contacts, opportunities, products, price books, quotations, orders, and cases are connected bidirectionally with the necessary SAP objects.


The suite is configurable to extend e.g. SAP and Salesforce instances, authentication, sales organization, as well as the canonical data model for additional systems benefiting from the existing suite’s connectivity.

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Connected Journey Suite
€ 30,000per environment per year
  • one-time installation costs:
    € 150,000

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What are ERP systems?


All core processes necessary to run a business are grouped under the term Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Especially in conjunction with CRM, at the core, ERP handles the order fulfillment. Further it includes, e.g. human resources, manufacturing, finance, logistics, and procurement.

What are CRM systems?


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) describes a strategic corporate approach. At its core, it encompasses the systematic design of an organization's digital engagement and relationships with potential and existing customers, business partners, and employees - to drive sales.

What are the advantages of an CRM and ERP integration?


The Connected Journey Suite connects Salesforce CRM and SAP S/4HANA ERP in an event-based, end-to-end, and bidirectional manner, laying the foundation for a unified platform ecosystem in the digitization strategy. Connected Journeys, e.g. for customers, contacts, opportunities, orders, products and transactions, combine - functionally and technically - the standards of both vendors and use the flexibility of MuleSoft to extend this PwC out-of-the-box connectivity.

How do CRM and ERP systems complement each other?


In the area of digital engagement, two transformations are taking place simultaneously: one for CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and one for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Salesforce and S/4HANA are often combined into a new digital platform ecosystem to engage with customers and make their shopping experience as convenient as possible.

How does data integration between the ERP and CRM systems take place?


The first step is to examine the current state of the ERP and CRM solution and then document the target state of the company's strategic alignment, often in a phased approach. The roadmaps of the two manufacturers and the roadmap of the Connected Journey Suite are superimposed and the delta - often the market differentiation - is worked out. This may include additional systems that leverage the standard connectivity of the Connected Journey Suite.

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