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Fee Calculator

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Fee Calculator

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Your challenge with fee calculations

To refinance public cost accounting institutions, fees are regularly levied. Necessary fee calculations concern areas such as sewage, water, waste and street cleaning. The preparation of the calculations is complex and knowledge-intensive, which is why specialized consulting firms are regularly commissioned to prepare the calculations. 

However, the manual execution of fee calculations with tools such as MS-Excel is time-consuming and expensive. In addition to the high consulting costs for the preparation of the calculation, the required broad database must be compiled manually by you and your employees on a regular basis and coordinated with your service provider. These work steps are time-consuming and tie up your personnel resources. The results of manual calculations are usually available to you only in the form of MS-Excel value copies and written statements. The further EDP-sided utilization of the work results, e.g. analyses over several years or long-term evaluations, cannot be realized or can only be realized at great expense. Particularly in times of digitization, a manual working method is no longer up-to-date.

Our solution - The tool for public institutions

With the digital and platform-based Fee Calculator we prepare the calculations for you. The Fee Calculator is the first digital service tool for the preparation of fee calculations. For this purpose we connect the platform-based tool directly to your accounting software via an interface. This automates the process of calculating fees. All we need is a data set from an interface that is included in your accounting software by default. An intuitive dashboard provides you with numerous interactive analyses and reports. These include, for example, the development of the eligible costs or time comparisons over several years within and across companies. Simple, fast, uncomplicated! And above all: less cost-intensive!

Your benefits - Digitize your calculation processes

pollAdd value instead of number crunching
attach_moneySave costs and staff
trending_upIncrease productivity and quality
timelapseShort response and processing times
multiline_chartExtensive analyses at the push of a button
peopleHigh user comfort


Fee Calculator
from € 1,000per calculation
  • digital preparation of fee calculations
  • price depends on number of inhabitants of municipality/city

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Which basics have to be considered when creating fee calculations?


The relevant basis for the execution of fee calculations are in particular the local tax laws (Kommunalabgabengesetz, KAG) of the respective federal states.

What principles must be followed by public companies when charging user fees?


Principle of equivalence: Performance and costs must be in reasonable proportion.

Principle of cost recovery: The principle of cost recovery has two manifestations, the prohibition of cost overruns and the cost coverage requirement. This means that the estimated fee income may not exceed the expected costs of the institution as a whole, but should generally cover them.


Does the Fee Calculator take cost over-absorption/cost under-absorption into account?


Yes, cost over-absorption and cost under-absorption are being calculated yearly and updated over time.


Are pre/post calculations possible?


Yes, both, pre and post calculations can be created.

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