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Transfer pricing documentation redesigned

Simplify your transfer pricing documentation​

As the demands of tax authorities for transfer pricing documentation become more complex, internationally operating companies are facing more and more challenges in meeting regulatory requirements. At the same time, the complexity of cross-border transactions with related parties is also increasing. It is therefore important to integrate user-friendly documentation solutions that can be applied into your transfer pricing process around the world.
For this reason, PwC has developed the globalDoc Solution®, a flexible and scalable transfer pricing software. This tool will support you throughout the entire transfer pricing documentation process and make it easier to meet international legal documentation requirements.
Watch our video on this topic: Transfer Pricing Documentation redesigned.

External TP documentation requirements

External factors


The amount of service and goods flows to be documented, as well as IP and financial transactions, is growing as a result of increasing globalization.


The complexity of transactions is increasing. This increases the risk of errors being made during the process or tasks being performed more than once.


Financial authorities require the regular preparation of increasingly comprehensive documentation records.

Internal limitations

Internal challenges


It is difficult to maintain a clear and concise overview of regional characteristics and substance requirements for transfer pricing documentation.


Corporate headquarters must control the processes, content and overall consistency of transfer pricing documentation.

groupResource requirements

Manually creating global, consistent transfer pricing documentation requires many resources. Capacity planning without a centralized process is challenging.

Joachim Sohn

We will not only provide advice in planning the transfer price documentation, we will also work with you on the implementation of the globalDoc Solution®. We will support you throughout the entire documentation process – from conceptual design to defending you during audits.

Joachim Sohn, Tax Advisor, Senior Tax Manager Transfer Pricing

Solve transfer pricing documentation challenges with support of technology


Documentation content

  • Consistent transfer pricing documentation: text templates can be provided centrally for all companies
  • Local compliance: local requirements can be included in a central solution
  • Automatic creation: documentation texts are completed automatically with the entered variables
  • Archived change history: every change is logged and can be tracked

Process management

  • Task management: responsibility for subtasks is assigned to users
  • Delegation: delegations are easily trackable
  • Deadlines/reminder function: legal and internal (process-related) deadlines are set and monitored
  • Resource requirements: standardization, automation and centrally coordinated processes reduce resource requirements and improve predictability

Data and information

  • Data collection: Master data, variables and other data are captured and standardized centrally
  • Interfaces to your ERP systems and databases as well as optional additional functions are available for further automation
  • Data verification and analysis: information from all parties involved can be automatically reconciled, verified and analyzed
  • Data storage: final data is archived and available for analysis. Additional information, such as protocols, presentations, calculations, etc. can be stored permanently in the system

globalDoc Solution® in your transfer pricing process

Your benefits

check_circleEnsuring compliance

You comply with local documentation requirements and thus avoid tax risks while taking legal developments into account.

multiline_chartIncreasing efficiency

You can plan and coordinate the documentation process and content on a centralized basis with support from PwC.

timelineMeeting deadlines

The documentation concept can be adapted to your company's standards in order to adequately take into account creation and submission deadlines.

verified_userCreating security

You can create consistent, structured transfer pricing documentation that keeps your data secure.

Savings potential through utilization of globalDoc Solution®


Optional Features
€ 8,800 One-off license fee
  • Preparation of the transaction matrix
  • Mapping, matching and analysing of transaction data
  • € 2,200 annual maintenance fee

Streamline your transfer pricing documentation

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How can I access globalDoc Solution®?

Since the TP Tool is web-based, access for all authorized users is provided via an Internet browser.



How do users get an overview of how the TP tool works?

As part of the globalDoc Solution® implementation, the PwC-globalDoc team offers various workshops that also include user training in which all globalDoc Solution® functionalities are explained. In our experience, these workshops are sufficient to cover all necessary processes in the tool. Additional training is available at any time.

Furthermore, numerous how-to videos as well as detailed manuals for different user groups are available for everyday use in German and English.

There is also a user hotline (telephone + e-mail).



Is there a possibility for interested parties to get demo access to the transfer pricing software?

Yes, although a prior tool presentation by PwC is recommended due to the large functional scope of the transfer pricing software.



How flexible is the tool? Can local requirements and individual characteristics also be taken into account when creating documentation reports?

Due to the modular structure of the tool, the documentation content can be adapted to local requirements and individual characteristics. For example, it is possible to differentiate between (i) global (relevant for all reporting companies), (ii) divisional (relevant for several reporting companies, e.g. with regard to region, function, business unit) and (iii) local information (relevant for only one individual reporting company).

This differentiation into global, divisional and local text blocks efficiently ensures consistency of the reported content, and at the same time, individual requirements can be taken into account through local modules at any point in the transfer pricing documentation.

Flexibility is also provided by the possibility of individually adapting the outline structure to country-specific documentation requirements or with language selection for transfer pricing documentation in the national language.



Is it possible to create a new documentation structure based on existing reports?

Yes, reports can be imported into the TP tool. Based on the headlines in the document, globalDoc Solution® creates titles and modules. These can then be edited in the tool.

globalDoc Solution® is published in a standard version. Within this standard version, administrators and other users can configure numerous settings to adapt it to the specific needs of the reporting company. In addition, upon customer request, the visual layout of the user interface can be customized as part of the IT installation of the TP tool. The layout of documentation reports generated with the tool can be customized to customer-specific templates by users with "administrator" rights themselves.



In which languages is globalDoc Solution ® available?

The language of the globalDoc Solution® user interface can be selected from 8 options by the respective user. German, English, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Czech and Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal) are offered by default, additional languages are optional. Regardless of the selected language setting, documentation content can be entered into the TP Tool in any language.



Where is the data stored?

The globalDoc Solution® software can be hosted according to your requirements either internally on your servers, at a hosting service provider or at PwC.

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