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Factory Intelligence

Digitize your production

Ready for tomorrow?

Industry 4.0 has been met with both enthusiasm and fence sitting. While sentiments and experiences have been mixed, most manufacturing leaders are now approaching Industry 4.0 with a sense of measured optimism.

While they recognize the potential value and business boost advanced manufacturing technologies can present—particularly AI, the industrial internet of things (IIoT), cloud computing, advanced analytics, virtual and augmented reality - they are still deliberating how and where to invest and balancing the hype with their own level of preparedness.

Meanwhile, they are also well aware of the significant changes Industry 4.0 will bring to a new manufacturing workforce - one that is increasingly becoming a hybrid of human and machine.

The idea behind Factory Intelligence

Factory Intelligence is more than a set of smart industrial IoT applications. It’s built on PwC’s deep industry expertise, process expertise and strategic business perspective. By combining this unique value proposition with leading technology around Cloud, IoT and Artificial Intelligence it enables enhanced value, while continuously digitizing, improving and optimizing our client’s business and operational processes.

Factory Intelligence leverages the full power of Multi-Competency that brings PwC capabilities together to help our clients take on the big and complex challenges of Industry 4.0.

  • Sectoral, Business & Process expertise of Smart Manufacturing, Smart Factory, Predictive Maintenance, Digitized Production etc.
  • Functional expertise on co-relating relevant Data to what it means to the manufacturing / production process and output, to enable optimized operations.
  • Technological expertise on IIoT, Big Data , Advanced Analytics, ML & AI, including building and running this on modern cloud platforms & Technologies.

What is Factory Intelligence?


Factory Intelligence is a modular and customizable manufacturing analytics suite, which uniquely combines existing production and IT systems and provides pre-configured and pre-built applications leveraging PwC’s business and problem-solving expertise focusing on:

  • Gain a 360° view on the production network
  • Turn insights into actions and increase transparency
  • Empower Engineers to act as a Data Scientist
  • Improve existing systems with Artificial Intelligence

Areas of application of Factory Intelligence

The intelligent interaction of specific application cases is indispensable in order to realize the potentials of Industry 4.0 in a sustainable way. For this reason, Factory Intelligence provides pre-configured modules and thus combines the rapid implementation of new use cases with the confidence of a holistic solution architecture.

dashboardInsightful Dashboards

Operations center that combines all relevant KPIs, production alerts and actions and enables every employee to create his own dashboards and analysis without any specific technology know how.

buildIntelligent Maintenance

Avoid downtimes and integrate predictive maintenance into an intelligent process - from fault notification to paperless recording of maintenance measures.

assessmentProduction Analysis

Identify reasons for deviations in production and perform an automated error analysis. Factory Intelligence enables you to do this through intelligent subsequent error detection and cause analysis by using artificial intelligence.

add_alarmPredictive Quality

Early detection of quality problems through automated correlation of production parameters and product quality, as well as proactive suggestions of corrective actions.

assignmentDigital Lean

Identify inefficiencies in the value creation process to eliminate waste in the production process and increase efficiency.

peopleDigital Twin

By digitally mapping your production process, critical or cost-intensive production steps can be simulated and, if necessary, adjusted to increase production efficiency.

What our Dashboards look like

Who benefits from the Factory Intelligence?

Our knowledge of the Industry 4.0 challenges along the entire production process makes Factory Intelligence the perfect partner for all key stakeholders, on the shop floor and in the business.

Plant Manager
  • Significant KPIs across all divisions and plants
  • Global reporting on a common Production System KPI model
  • Flexibility in exploring data of his organization
  • Observe effects of global initiatives and how the affect the KPIs
  • Answer questions without the need to contact the IT department
Quality Manager
  • Increase product quality and minimize re-work efforts
  • Identify root causes
  • Supplier, Customer and in-line quality in real time
  • Specific quality KPIs
  • Personalized reports and dashboards that matter
  • Trigger actions on quality alerts
Maintenance Expert
  • Fully digitalized maintenance process
  • Real-time and historical asset status
  • Schedule time and employees for planned & unplanned maintenance
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Recommendation of maintenance plans and provision of all necessary documents
  • Real-time alerts & easy-to-understand working instructions
Operations Excellence Expert
  • Transparency across the value chain to identify wastes & inefficiency lags
  • CI initiatives and projects and their impact on the KPIs
  • Real time value stream
  • Analytics of the value stream on historical data
Engineering Data Scientist
  • Easy accessible raw-data
  • Correct and accurate information about unknown & new pattern
  • Investigate failure and anomaly effects on the shop floor performance
  • Detect quality issues and explore root causes for them

Factory Intelligence is centered on a set of dashboards that matter and analytics capabilities that drive results and ensure fast ROI for our initiatives. It has the DNA for driving results through AI, analytics and process integration that is missing from most Smart Factory software solutions on the market.

Plant Manager, Automotive Supplier


Factory Intelligence Connect - PILOT
€ 75,000one-time
  • Implementation of a Connect use case
  • Use of available standard connectors
  • Preconfigured dashboards and reports
  • Implementation project over 3 - 4 weeks
Factory Intelligence Transformation
Price on request
  • Evaluation of the digital maturity level of the selected location
  • Identification of critical bottlenecks in your production
  • Analysis und evaluation on relevant applications
  • Agile implementation on the basis of Factory Intelligence
  • Ongoing evaluation and improvement of the results
  • Consulting project over 12 - 36 weeks

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