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Factory Intelligence is a modular and customisable manufacturing analytics suite, which uniquely combines existing production and IT systems and provides pre-configured and pre-built applications leveraging PwC’s business and problem-solving expertise.


360° view on the production network

Create a central entry point for all relevant KPIs, alerts and actions within the production network.

Digitally mapping your production process

Critical or cost-intensive production steps can be simulated and, if necessary, adjusted to increase production efficiency.

Improve existing systems with AI

Identify inefficiencies in the value creation process to eliminate waste in the production process and increase efficiency.

Increase transparency

Early detection of quality problems through automated correlation of production parameters and product quality, as well as proactive suggestions of corrective actions.

The idea behind Factory Intelligence

The manufacturing analytics solution builds on PwC's multidisciplinary expertise to help our clients address the big and complex challenges of Industry 4.0.


Best Practices

Sectoral, Business and Process expertise of Smart Manufacturing, Smart Factory, Predictive Maintenance, Digitised Production etc.


Extensive expertise

Functional expertise on co-relating relevant data to what it means to the manufacturing / production process and output, to enable optimised operations.


Technical expertise

Technological expertise on IIoT, Big Data , Advanced Analytics, ML & AI, including building and running this on modern cloud platforms and technologies.

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