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Smart Identification and Verification

KYC audit process made simple

Challenges in your KYC process

The Know Your Customer process is not a one time job at the beginning of new customer acquisition, but rather stays with you throughout the entire customer relationship. The challenges in the KYC environment are complex.


Regulatory compliance

As an auditing firm, PwC always ensures a process in line with current regulatory requirements.

Reduction of lead times

Smart Identification and Verification relieves the workload of your sales department as well as your middle and back office units. Lead times are reduced significantly.

Improving customer experience

In addition, the quality of data collection in your customer profiles increases. The KYC solution significantly enhances the customer experience.

KYC managed service for customer identification and verification

PwC has taken on the challenges and developed a KYC solution for all those who have to fulfil due diligence requirements under the Money Laundering Act before entering a business relationship.


KYC process is completely transferred to PwC

The identification and verification of legal entities for obligated companies is provided by PwC as a managed service. As a reliable third party, PwC can be consulted for handling processes in the area of obligations under the Money Laundering Act.


The use of AI

Through the smart use of artificial intelligence in data collection, PwC is significantly increasing efficiency with a particular focus on customer satisfaction. At the same time, PwC is putting an end to time consuming processes in customer acquisition (front office) and excessive staff costs in the back office units.


Customised adjustments

Smart Identification and Verification can be customised according to the processes and needs of obligated companies.

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