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Whistleblower and Ethics Reporting Channel – Digital whistleblowing system

Internal reporting channel as a Managed Service
  • Are you prepared for whistleblower reports?
  • Are you looking for a way to implement and operate an internal reporting channel?
  • Is your company affected by the new Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG)?
If so, our Whistleblower and Ethics Reporting Channel as a Managed Service is the perfect solution for you – simple, fast and cost-effective.

This is why the timely implementation of a whistleblower system is so important

Due to the EU Directive on the protection of whistleblowers (2019/1937, HinSch-RL) and – in future – the corresponding German legislation, companies and legal entities in the public sector are obliged to set up an internal reporting channel (whistleblower system). However, setting up a whistleblowing system is more than a duty. The internal whistleblowing system brings about a cultural change with the aim of initiating a continuous improvement process. Early detection of legal violations can lead to a reduction of liability risks and thus prevent damage.

Our solution? Whistleblower and Ethics Reporting Channel – Managed Whistleblower Hotline

At PwC, we offer you both the set-up of the whistleblowing system and the operation of the internal reporting office as a Managed Service. We enable you to fully outsource the internal reporting office to PwC. We would also be happy to provide you with a sample company agreement for this purpose. With our standardised and digital solution – the Whistleblower and Ethics Reporting Channel – we offer you: 

  • The set-up of the reporting system and the operation of the whistleblower system
  • Various communication channels such as web form, whistleblower hotline, whistleblower online mailbox and dashboard
  • Tracking the status of the submitted whistleblower's report
  • Documenting and checking the validity of all whistleblowing reports received
  • Management and fulfilment of legal deadlines, absolute legal certainty and assurance of compliance requirements
  • Transparency of all submitted reports via the provided dashboard is accessible to you
  • Recommendations from our PwC experts for taking follow-up measures

Digital whistleblower channel – professional support at every stage


Whistleblowing report submission

Our Whistleblower and Ethics Reporting Channel is accessible via different options. Whistleblowers can report breaches by phone in addition to using the company-specific, self-explanatory and intuitive web form. We also offer whistleblowers the option of submitting reports anonymously or by providing personal contact information. This way, we create a trusting and secure environment and guarantee whistleblowers the greatest possible protection and absolute data security.


Status tracking

After submitting a report, whistleblowers can log in to the Whistleblower and Ethics Reporting Channel website at any time with their case number and check the status of their report in the whistleblower online mailbox. The functionalities to add further information to their report, to submit files and to contact our experts via chat are available as well.



Submitted reports undergo a workflow-based process at PwC. In addition to a validity check, the report is concretised, if necessary, by contacting the person providing the report within the legally defined deadlines. We also make a recommendation for action.


Transparent recommendation for action

From the company's point of view, you can view the submitted reports as well as our review result with the corresponding recommendation for action in our multilingual dashboard at any time and thus obtain transparency at a glance. The reports can be filtered by various criteria such as time periods, category of the report or the respective processing status. The anonymity of whistleblowers and accused persons is preserved in the dashboard at all times. 

As we are completely independent, you retain the authority to decide which measures you want to take from the information received in order to take the necessary follow-up measures and avert reputational risks. If required, our solution can be combined with the Connected Digital Services concierge platform for further investigation. The platform is your comprehensive forensic service and relieves you of the burden of investigating compliance violations, suspicious cases or establishing facts of crime, to name but a few.

Get to know our whistleblower channel

Benefits of our whistleblowing system

Low implementation effort

Outsourcing the reporting channel to PwC eliminates the need of setting up additional IT infrastructure on the client’s end

Anonymity for whistleblowers and security in dealing with reports – professionally and confidentially

Transparency through status overview of all received reports in a dashboard

Compliance with all legal deadlines

Trustful cooperation with PwC's experts


We offer our services for setting up and operating the internal reporting channel on the basis of flat rates per year. We take into account the number of companies, the number of reports received and the volume of any so-called “not to be meant serious reports''. One-off costs are incurred for the implementation of the internal reporting channel as well as for the provision of the sample company agreement, should the need arise. Furthermore, we are also available to advise you on any follow-up measures.

Whistleblower and Ethics Reporting Channel
from € 125per month
  • Internal reporting channel
  • Custom branded landing page and customised dashboard
  • Further services upon request

Implement the Whistleblower and Ethics Reporting Channel

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What is a whistleblower system?

A whistleblower system is a platform through which whistleblowers can report facts about legal violations. The "internal reporting channel" referred to in the HinSch-RL means a whistleblower system operated by the company in question. The aim of this system is to offer whistleblowers a trustworthy environement in which they can report grievances without being exposed to reprisals. A whistleblower system offers the company the possibility to remedy grievances and in this way improve its compliance.

How quickly can PwC implement the reporting channel in your company?

The whistleblower system is generally implemented in one week. If necessary the implementation process can be sped up, if necessary.

How are the reports received evaluated?

The reports are clustered in the dashboard via categories. This makes it possible to evaluate the reports at a glance. Once a year, you will receive a standardised report on the number, type and clustering of reports as an option for the Compliance Management System.

Is a division or unit within the company burdened with operation of the reporting channel?

The internal reporting channel is provided in its entirety by the service provider PwC. Therefore, no division or units are burdened with the operation of the reporting channel. Only the authorised persons who have access to the dashboard are involved in the process. This minimises interface problems or system interruptions and saves resources.

Does any software need to be installed?

It is not necessary to install any software. The authorised persons selected by you can access the dashboard via a link. The persons providing the reports can also access the web form via a link published on your intranet, for example.

How does PwC ensure confidentiality? How does PwC protect the data?

We offer whistleblowers a trustworthy environment in which the information can be provided. We store the data in encrypted form on German servers. We offer the highest security standards and provide all-round data protection. The technology underlying our platform is DSGVO, ISO-27018:2019 and ISO-27001:2013 compliant.

Who has access to the dashboard?

The dashboard is accessed by the company. In general, up to five people can be authorised. Access can be extended for a fee. The selection of authorised persons is made by the company or the government agency.

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