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Integration Framework - Workday SAP Integration by PwC

Enables your End2End HCM Processes across Workday and SAP

Connect Workday and SAP easily

Our Integration Framework is a pre-configured solution that supports End2End Business processes across Workday and SAP. It is a SAP AddOn which is able to connect to Workday online via Standard Web Services. With this approach it is possible to easily replicate data in both directions and even use the tool for the initial data load from SAP to Workday. Additional Monitoring and Reporting functionalities support the daily operations.

A Workday SAP integration can be that effortless

What is the idea behind the Integration Framework?

businessBusiness Process driven

Completed, corrected and rescinded Business Processes are used to detect changes. This allows to run the replication report several times a day without overall increase of run times.

layersContext-specific data mappings

Context-specific mapping rules increase automation, avoid custom fields in Workday and allows to switch complete SAP infotypes to “view only”.

thumb_upEnd2End Process Design

We support you with the complete End2End process redesign including follow-up activities in SAP HCM.

done_allMass quality assurance

Export and Mapping functionality can be used independently from any Business Processes to support mass quality assurance.

Why this integration is needed?

  • Avoid double entry in Workday and SAP if you can not decommission your SAP system at the same time
  • Benefit from proven, reusable integration logic
  • Add custom-specific requirements easily by a SAP customizing framework


Included Features

  • Worker Process-driven Interface (Workday ⟶ SAP)
  • Supervisory Organisation Process-driven Interface (Workday ⟶ SAP)
  • Data-driven interface (Workday ⟶ SAP)
  • PA-/OM-Infotype Interface (SAP ⟶ Workday)
  • Comparison Report
  • Monitoring Workbench
The price depends on the number of processed workers by the interface.
up to 10,000 workers
€ 15,000per 1,000 workers
between 10,000 and 20,000 workers
€ 10,000per 1,000 workers
more than 20,000 workers
upon request

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Workday vs. SAP - Which is better in Human Capital Management (HCM)?


Workday is the modern solution that has been consistently designed in regards to user experience for employees and managers. Workday is particularly suitable as a global HCM system that can be quickly implemented for the entire workforce. Payroll and time management, on the other hand, are often still better located in an (existing) SAP HCM, as Workday does not offer payroll functionality for all countries yet. Also, to reduce complexity of the initial Workday implementation by out-scoping of local requirements. The same applies to existing interfaces, especially to local systems. These should initially continue to be connected to the SAP HCM system and then, if necessary, step-by step be migrated to Workday.

How does the Workday to SAP integration work?


Workday offers the possibility to deliver data online to external systems via so-called WebServices. Since this type of communication is also supported by the SAP system (and is used, for example, in the SuccessFactors integration), we combine this in our framework to create a unique integration solution. For security reasons, the communication is always initiated by the SAP system. The advantage of this approach is that you can make several WebService calls in one synchronization run, so that the systems really interact smoothly.

Can you also do an SAP to Workday integration?


Yes, besides the WebServices to export data, Workday also offers functionalities to import all data via WebService. We therefore use the same technical basis, except that this time the Workday request contains HR data (instead of selection criteria) and we only get the generated Workday IDs or an error message back to SAP. Our framework contains additional functionalities, e.g. to automatically trigger a replication to Workday in case of infotype changes.

How can I perform a data migration from SAP to Workday?


The data migration works according to the same principle as the SAP to Workday integration, except that considerably more data must be replicated to Workday here - without there being any data change. For this purpose, we have developed special programmes that read existing data from SAP and trigger a replication to Workday for each data record. For example, in addition to someone’s hire, a future termintion that has already been entered can also be transferred to Workday.

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