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PATEV Innovation Intelligence – Your new Business Intelligence Tool

Transparency for the technologies and markets of the coming years

No good decision without the right data

Especially in the constantly accelerating innovation sector, changes, disruptions, risks and opportunities must be recognised in a forward-looking manner with a time horizon for the next 3 - 5 years. This time horizon maps patent information from over 100 patent offices worldwide with over 80% of the world's technological knowledge.
Beyond the legal function of these publications contain a wealth of data that provides a quick and well understandable overview of technological trends and the competences of companies for strategists and details for technologists. This allows you to see, far beyond the current product landscape, what other players are not yet actively communicating – whether for strategic reasons or for lack of established markets.

Get the answers to your questions with the New Business Intelligence Tool

PATEV Innovation Intelligence is the reliable information, analysis and scouting tool for global, technological knowledge. With PATEV's Business Based IP services we provide you with the right data in the right structure so that you can make informed decisions. The areas of application range from strategic decision-making in R&D to partner search for development projects and M&A to supplier scouting. PATEV's Business Based IP Services conserves your resources by outsourcing information research and structuring. You also benefit from regular data updates from extensive international sources in various languages. PATEV Innovation Intelligence can be customised so that you can get the most out of it for your specific task. This way, you benefit from a quickly available and cost-efficient solution with in-depth information for flexible, customised analyses.

For this purpose, our PATEV experts work with you in a joint assessment to determine the exact objective and task. As part of the subsequent analysis, our experts collect and structure the relevant documents from the patent literature. The results are aggregated and processed in the Innovation Intelligence. You receive the processed results as a user-friendly, ready-to-use Power BI dashboard, which is immediately available for your decision-making.

If you require support in preparation to the analysis or in using the results of PATEV's technology and innovation assessment, our respective industry experts from PwC are available at any time.


Clarity and risk minimisation in the transformation into new products and services

In the strategic repositioning of a company on the market by means of new products, the targeted development of the corresponding technology and the selection of the right suppliers play a decisive role. Innovation Intelligence positions your R&D resources in technology fields that are not yet occupied and gives you early clarity in which areas the competition is already dominating. Innovation Intelligence minimises the risks in product development and the subsequent market launch.


Competences and speed in transformation with the help of M&A acquisitions and new R&D partnerships

A company does not always have all the skills and resources required for transformation. PATEV Innovation Intelligence also opens up smaller potential M&A acquisitions for you among the technologically active players (M&A Scouting).
If, on the other hand, you are aiming for R&D cooperation with a company or institute, you can also use PATEV's technology and innovation assessment for this (R&D Partner).

All future technologies from Asia, America and Europe at a glance with the PATEV Innovation Intelligence Tool


Access to global (incl. Asia), edited and moderated databases – individually compiled for your company and immediately usable


Capture of relevant competitors of any company size and awareness at locations worldwide, even if they have not yet launched their products on the market


Intuitive use of the database through Microsoft Power BI – without prior knowledge of patent handling


Highly flexible evaluations for your individual questions – if required with the support of PATEV experts in the interpretation and utilisation of your results.


from € 9,800
per user
€ 100per month

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What exactly is "Innovation Intelligence"?

The term "Innovation Intelligence" refers to the use of patent data as a source of information about the technological and innovative activities and competences of other companies in the context of competitive analysis.

How long does it take to implement the solution?

As a rule, PATEV Innovation Intelligence is implemented and ready for use within 4 weeks. After that, individual adjustments will be made for you if necessary.

Is patent data really a suitable data source?

Yes, because they already describe tomorrow's technologies today:


a) In-depth information
Anyone who wants to protect their innovation with a patent must disclose the associated technologies when filing the patent application. As a result, the knowledge contained in the patent literature goes beyond the selected information in product announcements, for example.


b) Exclusive and up-to-date information
Patents cost money. Therefore, companies will only pursue patents if they see commercial potential in the topics. Regardless of whether the patent has been granted or not, the data provides information on which technologies your competitors are currently prioritising and pursuing.


c) Structured information
As patent applications have to fulfil strict criteria, they are a highly structured source of data. With the individual preparation of the information by our R&D Intelligence, you receive quantitative evaluations that are more informative than other sources such as press releases or product descriptions.


What is the advantage of PATEV Innovation Intelligence compared to solutions that offer evaluations for the entire patent literature?

In order to achieve a high degree of precision and selectivity for your particular topic, only PATEV builds a database specific to your task. Big data is turned into right data. This enables highly precise processing with fast response times.

Only in this way can you obtain truly meaningful results and a solid information basis for your decisions. Therefore, we set up Innovation Intelligence individually for your company and your subject areas.

Is it possible to test the solution?

Yes, we would be happy to present PATEV Innovation Intelligence to you personally using an industry showcase.

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