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PATEV Innovation Intelligence is the reliable information, analysis and scouting tool for global, technological knowledge. With PATEV's Business Based IP services we provide you with the right data in the right structure so that you can make informed decisions.


3-5 years

Time horizon

Especially in the constantly accelerating innovation sector, changes, disruptions, risks and opportunities must be recognised with foresight with a time horizon for the next 3-5 years.

> 80 %

of worldwide technological knowledge at over 100 patent offices

The time horizon maps patent information from over 100 patent offices worldwide with over 80% of the world's technological knowledge.

Transparency for the technologies and markets of the coming years

With Innovation Intelligence you benefit from a quickly available and cost-efficient solution with in-depth information for flexible, customised analyses.


Clarity and risk minimisation in the transformation into new products and services

In the strategic repositioning of a company on the market by means of new products, the targeted development of the corresponding technology and the selection of the right suppliers play a decisive role. Innovation Intelligence positions your R&D resources in technology fields that are not yet occupied and gives you early clarity in which areas the competition is already dominating. Innovation Intelligence minimises the risks in product development and the subsequent market launch.


Competences and speed in transformation with the help of M&A acquisitions and new R&D partnerships

A company does not always have all the skills and resources required for transformation. PATEV Innovation Intelligence also opens up smaller potential M&A acquisitions for you among the technologically active players (M&A Scouting).

If, on the other hand, you are aiming for R&D cooperation with a company or institute, you can also use PATEV's technology and innovation assessment for this (R&D Partner).

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