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Advanced Reasoning Assistant – The personal assistant for automated decision-making in companies

Step by step navigation through complex questions

Your challenge in answering complex questions

Whether in accounting, tax matters or compliance processes - employees in finance functions have to make complex business decisions every day that require a high level of expertise. This means, for example, that complicated issues have to be evaluated, where certain aspects and technical details have a significant influence on the outcome of the decision. This often results in uncertainty and an enormous amount of coordination between decision-makers in specialised departments and operational units. The focus is also on the correct and consistent application of regulatory requirements and specific expert knowledge. 

Moreover, there is often pressure for efficiency and digitalisation, whilst quality requirements are increasing at the same time. Comprehensible documentation, decision histories and analyses are needed, e.g. for internal and external audits or auditors. The manual effort required for this continues to increase and is hardly manageable for many companies. 

Our solution? Advanced Reasoning Assistant - the digital one-stop shop for automated decision making

PwC's Advanced Reasoning Assistant supports users in resolving complex queries and decision-making problems in a wide range of specialist areas, such as accounting and finance. The rule-based system is our digital one-stop shop for standardised decision management. 

Our tool contains consolidated PwC expertise, split into different knowledge areas and prepared for different user groups.  Based on a dynamic question-answer model, it enables decision-making even for very complex issues, e.g. in IFRS accounting. Users are guided step-by-step to the result. If necessary, they receive valuable instructions and additional information, including definitions, examples or fundamental regulatory sources.

  • The results can be exported into a report at the push of a button, which serves as documentation or forms the basis for further coordination with corresponding specialist departments.
  • The standard report includes a comprehensive record of the decision-making process and thus the proposed outcome. It also provides a summary of the question-answer model and the data that the tool has derived from the users' answers.
  • Of course, all contextual information such as master data, underlying assumptions and constraints and instructions for next steps are also included. 

Our modular tool can be extended at any time to include additional use cases, e.g. by adding rules and modelling, comprehensible support texts or company or industry specifications. We can also adapt existing use cases to your very specific requirements. Together with our PwC experts, we can develop your individual assistant - just get in touch with us! 

The procedure in 4 steps


Select the desired expert model

After logging in, the system supports you with digital advice in various knowledge areas. On the home screen you can see all the digital expert models that are currently available to you. 


Enter base data

In order to adapt the digitised counselling service to your individual concerns, you will be asked to fill in various basic data input forms.


Go through the questionnaire

You go through a decision model that collects all the relevant facts for the decision-making process by asking specific questions about your circumstances. If something is unclear, you can access support and additional information at any time via the sidebar. Corrections and simulations are also possible at any time due to the flexible navigation.


Get result and export

Once enough information has been collected, the system arrives at a result, an assessment of the facts based on the expert model. Finally, you can export the result into a (PDF) report.

The advantages of the Advanced Reasoning Assistant at a glance

trending_upIncreased efficiency

Increased efficiency and time savings through automation and standardisation

euro_symbolCost reduction

Cost reduction through the elimination of traditional personal advisory services

assignmentAudit Trail

Outcome report containing all underlying facts and conclusions 


from € 35 per user
  • Access to a range of existing basic expert models

Get in touch

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Which additional topics or use cases can be added to the decision-making tool?

You can extend the Advanced Reasoning Assistant by any problem that can be described in terms of rules and logical expressions (e.g. "if ..., then..."). We would be happy to support you with your complex use case.

Can the tool be customised to my company's decision-making process?

Yes! We are happy to include your individual decision-making problems in our tool. Additionally, we can also adapt existing models to your needs.

For which topics can the decision management tool be used?

Our current system already supports you in numerous topics related to accounting according to the IFRS. For example, you receive decision models for various technical questions from different IFRS standards (e.g. IFRS 9, IFRS 15, IFRS 16, IAS12, IAS 37,IAS 38). Contact us for detailed information on the expert models already available.

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