Process Mining as a Service (PROMaaS)

Process mining tool

Achieving process excellence with digital transparency

To increase corporate efficiency, it is important to maintain a holistic overview of all core processes. In the complex process landscape of modern companies, however, it is becoming increasingly difficult to uncover process-related inefficiencies and cost-saving potential.


Continuous monitoring of processes and key figures

Run through existing process variations, identify the most common process flows, and detect deviations. Use the dashboard of our tool to view the success of your KPIs.


Identify compliance violations and unintended actions.

System usage

Use process visualisation to compare target models with your current processes and thus enable sustainable process flows.


Determine the lead time of your processes, discover bottlenecks and improve process efficiency.

Achieve process transparency with our process mining tool

Visualise and optimise business processes, identify errors and their root causes, and quantify process errors accurately.


Create transparency and evaluate quality

  • Process visualisation of the actual as-is process including an overview of the company's own KPIs
  • Analysis and optimisation of the entire business process
  • Plausibility check of standard deviations


Analyse sub-processes, repetitions and deviations

  • "Drill down" on sub-processes, loops and deviations
  • Localisation of error patterns 
  • Investigation of the identified error patterns' root-causes


Identify and quantify the error sources

  • Identification and grouping of error sources 
  • Case-specific quantification of process errors
  • Preparation of Process Mining Analysis Results


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