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Process Mining as a Service (PROMaaS) – Process mining tool

Achieving process excellence with digital transparency

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The challenges of efficient process analysis

To increase corporate efficiency, it is important to maintain a holistic overview of all core processes. In the complex process landscape of modern companies, however, it is becoming increasingly difficult to uncover process-related inefficiencies and cost-saving potential. In particular, assessing the degree of congruence between actual and target processes often presents difficulties due to the lack of transparency in process analyses. In addition, time bottlenecks and delays in the process, which can lead to an increase in throughput times, are often difficult to identify and have a negative impact on process efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Useful process mining tool – even without own licence

Classic process mining serves as a bottom-up analysis for existing processes, allowing opportunities for improvement to be identified and implemented. Our Process Mining as a Service (PROMaaS) enables you to implement end-to-end process excellence and continuous monitoring of relevant KPIs in all areas of your company – without your own licence costs and additional efforts in IT for implementation and operation.

Achieve process transparency with our process mining tool

  • Create transparency & evaluate quality
    • Process visualisation of the actual as-is process including an overview of the company's own KPIs
    • Analysis and optimisation of the entire business process
    • Plausibility check of standard deviations
  • Analyse sub-processes, repetitions & deviations
    • "Drill down" on sub-processes, loops and deviations
    • Localisation of error patterns 
    • Investigation of the identified error patterns' root-causes
  • Identify & quantify the error sources
    • Identification and grouping of error sources 
    • Case-specific quantification of process errors
    • Preparation of Process Mining Analysis Results

Your advantages through the Process Mining as a Service (PROMaaS)

  • Continuous monitoring of processes and key figures
    Run through existing process variations, identify the most common process flows, and detect deviations. Use the dashboard of the process mining tool to view the success of your KPIs
  • Compliance 
    Identify compliance violations and unintended actions
  • System usage
    Use process visualisation to compare target models with your current processes and thus enable sustainable process flows
  • Effectiveness
    Determine the lead time of your processes, discover bottlenecks and improve process efficiency


An initial project is a precondition for all packages. The subscription period is one year and can be renewed as needed. 

  • Quarterly
    from € 20,000
    • Quarterly Reports
    • Assessing the effectiveness of the implemented measures
    • Direct access to the Process Mining Tool and individual analysis and reporting options
  • Weekly
    from € 48,000
    • Weekly Reports
    • Assessing the effectiveness of the implemented measures
    • Direct access to the Process Mining Tool and individual analysis and reporting options

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What is the difference between process mining and classic BI tools?

Process mining is a method from the field of data mining and, in contrast to classic BI tools, offers a comprehensive insight into the live business processes. Based on the transactions performed from IT systems, entire business processes can be analysed end-to-end and made visible. As a result, bottlenecks, unproductive variants, deviations, rework and thus optimisation potentials can be uncovered.

How does process mining work?

Process mining uses existing transaction data from IT systems to reconstruct and analyse business processes. The starting point for the analysis is event data in the form of log files that reflect events or process activities in chronological order and can be assigned to a process instance. The chronological sequence of events allows the flow of a process to be mapped. Accordingly, each individual deviation from target processes can be disclosed and analysed down to the individual case level.

Why should you use process mining?

In the complex process landscape of modern companies, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a holistic overview of all core processes. Process mining provides you with complete process transparency of process variants, comparison of target models with actual processes and process loops. This allows you to uncover process inefficiencies and cost saving potentials and to increase process efficiency. Furthermore, we offer our customers a variety of use cases, which we would be happy to present to you in an initial discussion.

Which processes are suitable for process mining?

As far as corresponding data is available in the system, basically any process can be reconstructed. Process mining offers particularly high added value in mass data processing. Classic use cases are accounting, sales, procurement, IT and master data processes. As a starting point for process mining, our customers often prefer very standardised processes such as the procurement process in order to compare them with best practice standards. However, company-specific and individual processes can also be mapped by our competence center.

How quickly can the 'Process Mining as a Service' tool be implemented?

The decisive factor for the implementation period is the complexity of the process and the relevant source systems. For a standard P2P process, an implementation of 2 weeks is necessary after receipt of the data. For individual processes, there are many factors that influence the runtime - but this is usually 4 to 6 weeks. We would be happy to advise you on this and provide you with an offer for the implementation.

Can existing process analyses be integrated with ProMaaS?

Yes, process analyses that already exist at your company can be integrated with ProMaaS.

Can customer-specific KPIs also be monitored with the 'Process Mining as a Service' solution?

PwC offers different best-practice KPIs for a variety of processes, which can be used out-of-the-box. In addition, customer-specific KPIs can be integrated into the analyses or developed at any time.

What are typical use cases of process mining?

Process mining is used across industries and is in particular demand in the course of transformation and standardisation initiatives. In addition to gaining transparency and uncovering opportunities for short-term efficiency improvements, process mining thus also offers the possibility to prepare and accompany automation measures (e.g. RPA) or system conversions (e.g. S/4Hana). Our classic best practice analyses include:

  • Process variant detection
  • Lead time
  • Rework rate
  • Degree of automation
  • Target/actual process comparison

If you wish, we can supplement these with our best-practice analyses, adapt them to your needs and develop individual analyses for you.