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The Metaverse is an innovative world of technology that combines AR, VR, AI, and blockchain. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and blockchain play a key role in representing ownership and assets, while AR and VR expand the real world or create a fully virtual environment. In the B2C sector, major brands are already utilising the Metaverse to offer exclusive virtual products and experiences.

Our publication provides a detailed overview of the opportunities and solutions the Metaverse offers to businesses. For example, companies can use wallets as a gateway to the Metaverse, enabling them to leverage cryptocurrencies and NFTs to collect valuable customer data and create personalised experiences. Traditional marketing dimensions also have a future in the Metaverse, with Content Management Systems (CMS) potentially being replaced by immersive 3D representations. Owned, Paid, and Earned Media remain relevant, as companies can use XR worlds, Social Rooms, and Virtual Events to increase their visibility.

The Metaverse is not a distant vision of the future, but a real possibility for companies to create innovative customer experiences and build long-term relationships. Many enterprises are already even making investments – aiming to deepen customer ties, open new paths of communication with communities, and generate turnover from the metaverse hype. At the same time, it’s also important to consider certain critical aspects of this technological trend.