Activity Split Explorer

The central view of your Global Business Services

Transparency about the degree of implementation of activity splits

Multinational companies with international supply and value chains often have various locations where classic administrative activities take place. Over the past 20 years, various processes (e.g. P2P, O2C) have been consolidated mainly in GBS/SSC organisations. For this purpose, target images with detailed activity splits were defined and implemented. However, in practice, it has been shown that transparency about the actual implementation status of these activity splits is often lacking in order to achieve further efficiencies.


Increase hub penetration in the financial sector

By identifying and quantifying the actual work performed by each team, the future distribution of services can be designed based on facts and figures.

Cost reduction in invoice processing

The costs of invoice processing can be reduced by 40% per invoice by standardising the process within global business services and aligning it to the same level of performance across all countries.

Efficient tool for comprehensive process analysis

Various Celonis functionalities are combined in the Activity Split Explorer. This provides you with a unique tool for comprehensive process analysis.


Illuminate your processes from all perspectives

Process performance, process location, workforce allocation.


Compare your current processes with your desired process model

Identify the location of each service delivery and align it with your GBS/SSC target model. 


Overview of the status quo

Get an overview of the status quo of the most relevant KPIs (e.g. degree of automation, purchase order ratio, etc.) and consolidate your most important key figures in one dashboard.

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