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Document Insights – AI-based document analysis

From documents to data-driven insights



Document Insights simplifies the process of analyzing documents, significantly reducing the amount of manual work.

ejectData treasure

Until now, companies have not made full use of their data. We lift their data treasures and make them accessible. This enables you to increase efficiency or create new business areas.

businessFlexible use

You can train our software for your specific use cases in a very short time and thus cover all areas of your business.

euro_symbolLow entry hurdle

We make the ability to analyze documents usable for everyone! We offer our SaaS solution at a reasonable price: Billing is based on frequency of use and is absolutely transparent.

Challenges of using data in documents

Hidden data

85% of the data relevant to companies is stored in unstructured documents.

Manual effort

A high level of manual effort is required to extract the data, which is time-consuming and cost-intensive as well as not scalable to large volumes of data. Companies therefore often have to do without or can only partially use the information that this data contains.

Software solutions

Expert tools that use artificial intelligence are already being applied to automatically extract information from PDF documents. However, these solutions are often complex, highly expensive and require technical expertise.

AI-based document analysis for everyone

Document Insights is an AI-powered tool that allows you and your employees to easily extract data from PDF documents without technical expertise. Our easy-to-use SaaS solution provides quick access to machine learning technology and offers a high level of precision.


Extract data in an easy and efficient process

You can easily train Document Insights to provide you with the data you need. After finishing the training, our system will extract data from your documents on its own. Learn how to obtain your data step by step:


Create a project

In a newly created project you can upload your PDF files. Our tool allows you to process all documents – regardless of the subject area, the structure of the documents or the language used. Everything that can be marked in the document (numbers, names, texts) will be detected.


Mark data

By marking the data you want to extract, you trigger the process. You can create as many data points as you need.



Even after a small number of processed documents, you will receive suggestions based on the machine learning approach, which you can either correct or confirm. If you are satisfied with the quality, you can then have the remaining data extracted automatically.


Process documents

You can continue to train until your data analysis reaches the desired quality.


Export data

Export the data from all documents and download an XLS file. You can add more documents at any time without further training.

Document analysis for every area of your business


Example: System Tickets.
Extraction of audit-relevant information such as ticket number, date, status as well as the persons involved.
Extraction quality: 94%. Training time: 90 minutes.


Example: Annual Reports.
Extraction of company names and number of employees.
Extraction quality: 90%. Training time: 45 minutes.


Example: Lease contracts.
Extraction of tenant, landlord, size in sqm, number of rooms as well as rental costs.
Extraction quality: 99%. Training time: 15 minutes.


Example: License Agreements.
Extraction of parties involved, contract type, effective date and applicable law.
Extraction from over 100 documents.
Extraction quality: 96%. Training time: 30 minutes.


Example: Mass Claims.
Extraction of information about the subject matter of the claim.
For example: file number, amount in dispute, date of purchase, year of manufacture, engine type.
Extraction quality: 92%. Training time: 30 minutes.

Achieve up to 99% accuracy

You will achieve high extraction accuracy after only a short training period. Document Insights efficiently guides you through the training needed for your level of precision.


We will be happy to provide you with a precise calculation of the costs for your company free of charge and without any obligation.

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What is machine learning in terms of data analytics?


Document Insights deals with the field of information extraction and, through interaction with the user, learns which information is important for the user. The AI abstracts which information is wanted and transfers the unstructured data in document format to a structured file.

What types of data can be extracted?


Document Insights works with any PDF document (except password protected) and can extract information from it. The information may be single numbers, words, dates, clauses or paragraphs. No matter what information is needed from the documents, Document Insights can deal with it.

Does Document Insights work with Optical Character Recognition (OCR)?


Yes, depending on the quality of the PDF documents, Document Insights automatically applies Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Can data be extracted from handwritten entries?


Unfortunately, this cannot be answered in a general way. If the handwriting is of good quality and legible, extraction is possible, but this is very individual for the respective use case.

Is the use of 'Document Insights' compliant with data protection?


Yes, the Document Insights application is compliant with data protection laws. Data is transferred abroad, but only to countries in the European Union or the European Economic Area. A more detailed explanation of the privacy-relevant information of "Document Insights" can also be found here. Please note that this differs from the data protection agreements of the PwC Store.

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