PATEV M&A Search

Identifying M&A Partners for Sell-Side and Buy-Side

Get an overview using PATEV M&A Search

Conducting a target screening is of crucial importance and always represents the first step in buying or selling a company. However, finding a suitable M&A partner is often a challenging task that requires careful analysis and evaluation.


Time saving

PATEV M&A Search enables an efficient and time-saving search for M&A candidates. You quickly and easily receive a list of potential companies that match your technological requirements.

Comprehensive database

Our software accesses extensive databases covering a wide range of companies and technology fields.


Our solution is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. You do not need any training or technical know-how to use the platform effectively.

Competitive advantage

By targeting the right M&A partners and benefiting from potential synergies, you gain a distinct competitive advantage.

Finding the right technological match with our solution

With PATEV M&A Search you can maximise your added value through complementary customised patent and technology data analysis with Innovation Intelligence


Synergies and opportunities for a successful acquisition

The additional use of PATEV Innovation Intelligence provides you with precise and comprehensive information about potential synergies and opportunities for a successful acquisition. This minimises the risk of making wrong decisions and maximises your chances of success.


Data analysis

Through a detailed analysis, the associated value proposition can be revealed through "Innovation Intelligence". This shows the exact fit that the respective technologies have in combination.


Technology analyses

Using the detailed patent-based technology analyses of this PATEV tool, you can identify the specific technological synergies that can result from a sale or acquisition for you.

In the Spotlight


Provision of PATEV M&A Search

  • for one month (100% credit for synergy analysis "Innovation Intelligence")

€ 1,950

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