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Concierge Platform for Digital Risk Management

Digital Risk Management from a single source

Manage your risks with Connected Digital Services. The Concierge Platform is your comprehensive forensic service for digital risk management. You can control your analyses independently and run them with the help of our digital forensics solutions. If you need support, you can get it from our PwC experts at the press of a button. Our approach to meet our clients’ needs: fast and flexible provision of digital solutions with the option to access advisory services at any time. The platform thus simplifies conducting tasks like compliance checks or sanctions list screenings.


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One-stop shop

Receive all services from a single source, but only access those you really need.

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Get results just as quickly as you get started. There is no need to implement anything.

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Efficiency and cost reduction

Run through the steps and tasks of your projects significantly faster, with less personnel, managing your digital risks using our digital forensics solutions.

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External know-how

Access the expertise of PwC experts from our various specialist areas with just one click.

Inspired by our clients needs

We have developed Connected Digital Services to enable our clients to protect themselves from potential risks at an early stage and to deal with them adequately. Currently, a total of six modules are available.


Connected eDiscovery

Monitoring and analysis at the highest level: Identify, capture and search electronic data such as emails or documents with the integrated end-to-end solution to be able to use them as evidence in a legal case.


Connected Financial Analytics

Our forensic service for regular annual audits, fraud scans or internal investigations: Connected Financial Analytics enables the regular analysis and visualisation of financial data and accounting transactions in order to intervene in the event of an impending fraud case before it is too late.


Connected Risk Intelligence

Identify critical early warning signs with our highly automated global news and network analysis tool: always be up to date on reports and potential risks relating to your company as well as your competitors, customers, suppliers or other relevant players.


Connected Global Intelligence

Mitigate risks related to business partner compliance: Connected Global Intelligence provides relevant information about companies as well as individuals and helps to ensure that your business relationships meet all compliance requirements.


Connected Screening Services

Efficient sanctions list screening: Identify sanctioned individuals, companies and organisations at the press of a button and prevent risks such as financial or reputational damage.

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