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Connected Digital Services – Concierge Platform for Digital Risk Management

An efficient digital forensics solution at the press of a button

Increasing requirements for compliance screening and risk management

  • The requirements regarding compliance, forensics and risk management increase in their comprehensiveness and are subject to regular changes that must be implemented in a timely manner. However, internal upskilling and the provision of necessary resources are cost-intensive.
  • An increase of internal and external threats amplifies the need to prevent financial and reputational risks and to react at short notice.
  • The growing amount of data raises the need for digital solutions that enable continuous monitoring and meaningful analysis.
  • The adaptation or extension of existing tools is time-consuming and the exact need is often unknown.

Connected Digital Services: Digital Risk Management from a single source

Manage your risks with Connected Digital Services. The Concierge Platform is your comprehensive forensic service for digital risk management. You can control your analyses independently and run them with the help of our digital forensics solutions. If you need support, you can get it from our PwC experts at the press of a button. Our approach to meet our clients’ needs: fast and flexible provision of digital solutions with the option to access advisory services at any time.

We have developed Connected Digital Services to enable our clients to protect themselves from potential risks at an early stage and to deal with them adequately. Currently, a total of six modules are available.The platform thus simplifies conducting tasks like compliance checks or sanctions list screenings.

Ready for the future – your benefits


Receive all services from a single source, but only access those you really need.


Get results just as quickly as you get started. There is no need to implement anything.

Manage the steps and tasks of the digital risk management process significantly faster and with less personnel.
Increased Reputation

Meet the increased security requirements of stakeholders and remain attractive for investors and a safe address for business partners. 

External Know-how

Access the expertise of PwC experts from our various specialist areas with just one click.

Data Protection

All data is hosted exclusively in German data centres.

Inspired by our clients needs: Six available modules for your digital risk management

Connected eDiscovery

Monitoring and analysis at the highest level: Identify, capture and search electronic data such as emails or documents with the integrated end-to-end solution to be able to use them as evidence in a legal case.

  • There is no need to invest in your own IT and human resources infrastructure – we provide all the tools and IT professionals needed
  • Create automated pipelines with Connected eDiscovery, allowing you to manually intervene in at any time
  • Manage all workflows through an intuitive interface
  • AI Review Optimisation (AIRO): Understand the meaning of individual words and the context of entire documents with the help of Artificial Intelligence. The number of documents in review can thereby be reduced by up to 80 percent
  • Managed eReview on demand: If required, we provide support by our specialists - including IT and legal experts as well as forensic experts and analysts
Connected Financial Analytics

Our forensic service for regular annual audits, fraud scans or internal investigations: Connected Financial Analytics enables the regular analysis and visualisation of financial data and accounting transactions in order to intervene in the event of an impending fraud case before it is too late.

  • The tool combines our knowledge from the areas of forensic audit and accounting
  • Based on patterns developed by our experts, the tool generates alerts in case of anomalies and discrepancies in ERP data with so-called red flags.
  • Use the integrated analysis and reporting function and get detailed insights into individual line items.
  • Connected Financial Analytics works quickly and efficiently – and thus reduces costs
Connected Risk Intelligence

Identify critical early warning signs with our highly automated global news and network analysis tool: always be up to date on reports and potential risks relating to your company as well as your competitors, customers, suppliers or other relevant players.

  • Our digital forensics solution provides daily access to the largest global, open-access media database, including news in more than 100 languages from 150 countries
  • Self-learning AI delivers detailed sentiment analysis, clustered into topics that are relevant to you and visualised in an intuitive dashboard
  • Connected Risk Intelligence identifies misattributed sentiment results, reducing the amount of reports incorrectly classified as critical
  • Access reports back to 2015 for a comprehensive analysis
Connected Contract Analytics

Capture contracts quickly and comprehensively: Connected Contract Analytics provides you with a quick overview of your contract terms.

  • Using AI, our solution identifies obligations, claims and also business risks contained in contracts
  • The tool automatically creates contract summaries and groups different contracts into unified clusters
  • Simplify tasks related to contract creation, risk assessment for compliance audits or financial impact calculation for legal claims
  • Interactive dashboards consolidate all contracts in one place, providing you with a complete overview at any time
  • Benefit from fast contract anonymisation through automated redaction of sensitive information
Connected Screening Services

Efficient sanctions list screening: Identify sanctioned individuals, companies and organisations at the press of a button – and prevent risks such as financial or reputational damage.

  • We support you in complying with all legal regulations and guidelines with our sanctions list screening software
  • The tool reliably compares business partner data with current and important national and international sanctions lists
  • Sanctions lists are updated every 15 minutes
  • The implementation of further sanctions lists is possible upon request
Connected Global Intelligence

Mitigate risks related to business partner compliance: Connected Global Intelligence provides relevant information about companies as well as individuals and helps to ensure that your business relationships meet all compliance requirements.

  • Our solution offers support for tasks like integrity due diligence, fulfilment of ESG requirements or background checks
  • You receive standardised reports for integrity checks, pre-employment and virtual asset screenings
  • User-friendly dashboards generate detailed factual reports
  • Benefit from the expertise of PwC's Global Intelligence Team: our experts research supplementary background information in public, fee-based or restricted sources

Delivery Models and Prices

Connected eDiscovery
from € 10,000per year
  • Up to 250 GB processing volume
  • 5 Processing Runs
  • 2 Analyses
  • 5 Production Runs
Connected Financial Analytics
from € 6,000per year
  • 4+ company codes per year
  • 1+ Workflow
Connected Screening Service
from € 2,500per year
  • Bulk screening requests
  • Screening of 2,500+ business partners
  • 4+ sanctions lists
Connected Global Intelligence
from € 2,800per request
  • Research on management, shareholders and beneficial owners
  • PEP Screening
  • Sanctions Screening
  • negative News Screening
Connected Risk Intelligence
price on request
Connected Contract Analytics
price on request

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How can my company use Connected Digital Services preventively as part of digital risk management? 

All six modules of our Concierge Platform are versatile. The modules "Connected Risk Intelligence", "Connected Screening Services" and "Connected Global Intelligence" in particular offer great support in your preventive digital risk management. For example, they can be used as an early warning system for risks, as an early screening mechanism when concluding contracts or as an information tool regarding potential contract partners. 

Synergy effects can be achieved by combining individual modules with each other to increase protection against potential corporate risks. 

For example, use "Connected Global Intelligence" as part of the due diligence of an upcoming corporate transaction to screen your potential targets for critical issues such as money laundering, corruption or sanctions. Redact sensitive data by using "Connected Contract Analytics", which is then made available to both contractual partners as a basis of information for the conclusion of the transaction.

How can my organisation use Connected Digital Services as a digital forensics solution in internal investigations?

The modules "Connected eDiscovery", "Connected Financial Analytics" and "Connected Global Intelligence" support you when conducting internal investigations. 

Use the digital forensics solutions to analyse both structured data (from your ERP system) and unstructured data (e.g. emails, chat messages), conduct background research and, based on this, create a coherent chain of evidence for your individual legal case. 
Benefit from the possibility to combine modules easily. We will be happy to support you.

How can I ensure the smooth implementation of a digital forensics solution in my company? 

We want to make the access to our digital forensics solutions as easy as possible: Therefore, it is not necessary to implement our concierge platform and the integrated modules. You will be provided with a link to the platform allowing you to use it and the corresponding modules immediately.

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