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Digital Fitness App

Improve your digital fitness

Facing obstacles? You’re not alone

63% of all companies lack skilled teams
42% of those surveyed have slow or inflexible processes
51% of the firms lack new data and technology integration
61% of all companies use outdated or obsolete technology

Yes, there’s an app for this

The Digital Fitness App is based on leading academic research from PwC’s Katzenbach Center – experts in organizational behavioral and cultural change – combined with over a decade of researching digital leaders.

Harald Kayser

Home office time is upskilling time for us. That's why we at PwC offer everyone in this difficult time the opportunity to get digital training and learn new skills.

Harald Kayser, PwC Europe Chairman and Senior Partner

Four steps to building a new culture fueled by innovation



Through the Digital Fitness App, each employee takes an assessment and receives a Digital Fitness score. 
With a clear understanding of the digital fluency of your workforce, we can build a transformation program tailored to your organization.



Employees boost their Digital Fitness score through bite-sized, addictive content contextualized to your organization. 

Personalized employee learning plans are built based on their Digital Fitness score, interests, and behaviors.



Evaluate the current strength and weaknesses of your workforce and identify talent gaps.
Then start hiring and injecting new talent.




Create collaborative engagement models and move at the speed of a startup.

Build environments such as labs, alternative workspaces, and sandboxes that fuel innovation and collaboration.

The Payoff

The skills, mindset and behaviors to win in the digital age.

Not only have the ability to increase the value of each employee, but the opportunity to create an entirely new culture. A culture powered by innovation.


The payoff for your employees

  • More confident and credible
  • Greater understanding of new products and services
  • Apply new skillsets in new ways

The payoff for your business and clients

  • Exceed customer expectations
  • Unlock innovation
  • Elevate marketplace profile


You can try Digital Fitness for free now with the following access code: LRNALL


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Get started

Digital Fitness App
€ 15 - € 1per month per user
Price decreases with increasing number of users per company​
  • Fitness Assessment and Score
  • Personalised learning plan
  • Access to all learning content
  • Progress and success analysis
  • Detailed user reporting
  • Premium support
  • Customization to your company


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