COVID-19 Navigator

COVID-19 Navigator

Navigate through the corona crisis

Crisis preparation

At PwC we have established a powerful crisis and emergency management: Our Business Continuity Management concept ensures the continuation or timely resumption of our business activities in crisis situations. It systematically prepares us for the comprehensive management of damaging events. 

The COVID-19 pandemic presents us all with major challenges. We are committed to provide our clients with the best possible service even under these special circumstances. This is why we have developed a free tool incorporating our experience in dealing with crises.

Stay on top of things

In order to be able to quickly react and prudently navigate through the crisis it is important to gain a comprehensive overview.

Therefore, we put together a team of PwC specialists and developed the free PwC COVID-19 Navigator. It supports you in reducing the number of currently unknown variables.

A fast response is necessary to assess the impact of COVID-19 on your business, minimise risk and ultimately keep operations running. The tool contains three sections with questions that will help you understand how different areas of your company (e.g. workforce, operations, finance) are positioned regarding the Coronavirus. Moreover, potential areas which you should focus on are recommended. Also, questions are being answered and further sources of information referenced.

Coronavirus challenges

PwC support


In order to get a better picture, PwC epidemiologists and economists jointly developed scenarios, which rest on fact based assumptions. 


view_quiltScenario planning

We can help you develop a robust and commercially astute response to minimise the negative impacts of COVID-19, maintain your critical business processes and protect your people and assets. 

group_workSpecific support

We can tailor and flex our role to satisfy your specific crisis response needs, wherever you need us most. Among other roles, we can take over the crisis stategy guidance, project management, data analysis and workstream lead(s). 




We can provide local resources, insights, and knowledge from our offices in 157 countries.

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