Value-Based Assessment

A game based psychometric assessment

As the future of work is rapidly changing, finding the right people is and will be crucial to any company’s success. But organizations do not only take employees’ technical skills into account. Today, both sides focus on finding the right personal “fit” depending on their values. Ascender helps matching people and teams based on their personal values. 

How does it work?
It is a web-based psychometric assessment game, set in the form of an intergalactic journey. It offers a unique, graphic novel-styled experience which doesn’t require any serious IT or gaming experience. Candidates are taken on an adventure which requires them to apply their judgement and make decisions when faced with various scenarios. Each decision is linked to a personal values orientation and through the use of a purpose-built scoring algorithm, we are able to determine the degree of alignment of each participant to a set of personal values. 



pageviewBehavioural Insights

Employees and executives get insights into their personal qualities and can compare them to their company values in a transparent way.

trending_upDrive Change

By understanding how corporate values are live within the organization, team leaders are able to drive change more effectively.


The gamified assessment facilitates the classification of employees based on their psychometric profiles.


David Lambiotte

Game-based assessments are revolutionising traditional assessments and are now a leading global trend.

David Lambiotte, Senior Manager, PwC South Africa

Organisational culture

Ascender helps to identify discrepancies between personal and corporate values. In addition, it ensures that potentially problematic dynamics, such as those that occur during M&A, transformations and team conflicts, can be identified and resolved. 

Team alignment

Ascender supports you with data-driven team alignment.
In addition, training modules such as Leadership Development and Team Dynamics enable an in-depth analysis of individual and team-related subtleties from different perspectives.


+ Optional group report
by arrangement
  • Final costs based on report requirements

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