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Our Assurance Solutions

Smart Identification and Verification

Our KYC solution for all those who have to fulfil due diligence requirements under the Money Laundering Act before entering a business relationship.
Risk & Regulatory

Connected Digital Services

The concierge platform for digital risk management. In case of additional support needs, our PwC experts are only a click away.
Risk & Regulatory

Insurance Results Projector

The data analytics solution for insurance companies provides a customised forecast of claims expenses based on historical data.

Customs Compliance Check

Our tool supports the visualisation and evaluation of business processes associated with the shipment of goods to and from non-EU countries.

Process Mining as a Service (PROMaaS)

Our Process Mining as a Service enables to implement end-to-end process excellence and continuous monitoring of relevant KPIs in all areas of the company.

ICAAP Visualiser

Companies use the ICAAP Visualiser to simulate and visualise the diverse consequences of individual decisions and scenarios.

Activity Split Explorer

Our tool for comprehensive process analyses creates transparency regarding the degree of implementation of activity splits.


Play it safe with VAT ID Look Up: Our tool swiftly identifies invalid VAT identification numbers.
Tax & Legal

Quality Self-Assessment Validation

With our Quality Self-Assessment Tool we support in efficiently assessing the internal audit.

External Data Protection Officer (eDPO)

As a reliable partner, PwC provides companies with an external DPO and guarantees professional support in data protection.

Cash Prediction and Procurement Prediction

Our solution for monitoring current business processes and forecasting the future development of key figures.

Data Cruncher 24c

Our tool aids companies in fulfilling legal requirements according to § 24c KWG. The analysis of 24c messages is standardised and efficient.

Internal Audit Escape Game

The online Internal Audit Escape Game specially designed for revision teams combines fun with professional knowledge for the next virtual team event.
Risk & Regulatory

This is how we support you with our Assurance platform

The market conditions are changing, the requirements for a company are becoming increasingly diverse, and laws and regulations are continuously adjusted. Our Assurance Platform is based on the highest competence, provides comprehensive trust and ensures financial and non-financial reporting as well as regulatory compliance.

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Transformation Assurance

Megatrends like digitalisation, automation and technological innovations are currently revolutionising the world of work. Work practices that have been successful for decades are being replaced by new approaches.

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