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The knowledge database for financial service providers

The knowledge database for financial service providers

Nowadays we are surrounded by a huge range of information. Analyses, lectures, studies, statements - all of this should be part of our decision-making processes every day. Especially in the financial services sector this is indispensable, as risks, changes and opportunities must be recognized quickly.

Ihre Vorteile

Access to market-relevant information at any time

Time and cost savings

High individual adaptability

Continuously updated E-Library

Offered thematic packages

Free thematic packages

  • CMAAS: Current specialist information on accounting and capital markets in the Capital Markets & Accounting Advisory module (CMAAS). 
  • Cyber Security & Privacy: Facts, studies and new findings on attacks on corporate networks and systems, computer fraud, manipulation of account and financial data, and the spying and interception of data 
  • Healthcare & Pharma: The module contains industry information on Healthcare & Pharma. 
  • Public Services: In the Public Services module you will receive professional updates on all aspects of the public sector. 
  • Real Assets: The module contains everything from evaluation and strategy development to transaction support. 
  • X-Financial Services: The X-Financial Services module covers tax and consulting topics for financial service providers.

Fee-based thematic packages

  • Actuarial Services: Everything about with insurance mathematics.
  • Capital Markets & Accounting Advisory PRIME: Specialist information on national and international accounting for financial service providers, focus on IFRS.  
  • E-Library: Our electronic library offers selected publications by our experts on central topics such as IFRS for banks or supervisory law and is continuously supplemented and updated.
  •  Knowledge Transfer: "Our knowledge for you", delivers FS topics according to formats: event notes, publications, studies and surveys, and tools.
  • Pronouncements: Licensed content from IDW, DRSC and IFRS Foundation: Included in the price when booking the paid FS offer
  •  Risk & Regulation: Everything about supervisory law, compliance and risk management for financial service providers.
  •  Sustainability: The module contains specialist information, studies and latest developments in the area of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Sustainability Reporting, Sustainable Finance (SF) and European Green Deal.
  • Technology & Process Risk: This topic is about IT infrastructures, the use of specific IT applications for financial service providers, effects on accounting-related business processes and upstream value-adding core processes.


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