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Nowadays we are surrounded by a huge range of information. Analyses, lectures, studies, statements - all of this should be part of our decision-making processes every day. Especially in the financial services sector this is indispensable, as risks, changes and opportunities must be recognized quickly. In view of increasing legal requirements and growing competition in the financial market, market participants today are more than ever dependent on timely, compact and fact-based information. At the same time, a high level of resources is required to generate up-to-date and profound knowledge. This is the only way to ensure that the knowledge base on which corporate decisions are based is stable.

Everything you need to know about financial markets at a click

PwC Plus is the proven knowledge and research portal for the financial services industry. We provide you with highly up-to-date and reliable information so that you can make informed decisions. At the same time, by outsourcing the information search, we save your resources. As part of a subscription, you benefit from daily updates based on quality-assured sources, a configurable alert function and a research platform. Topics include areas such as accounting, corporate governance, regulatory, reporting and risk management. PwC Plus can be individually adapted for this purpose: you can choose whether you want to take advantage of the complete knowledge database or only the free partial offers. Either way, you benefit from a depth of information and high topicality that can only be achieved at great expense without PwC Plus.

Your benefit of the knowledge tool

  • Access to market-relevant information at any time
  • About 20,000 knowledge documents
  • Over 100 laws for the financial world
  • Continuously updated E-Library
  • High individual adaptability
  • Time and cost savings

Offered thematic packages

Free thematic packages

Current specialist information on accounting and capital markets in the Capital Markets & Accounting Advisory module (CMAAS).


Cyber Security & Privacy
Facts, studies and new findings on attacks on corporate networks and systems, computer fraud, manipulation of account and financial data, and the spying and interception of data


Healthcare & Pharma
The module contains industry information on Healthcare & Pharma.


Public Services
In the Public Services module you will receive professional updates on all aspects of the public sector.


Real Assets
The module contains everything from evaluation and strategy development to transaction support.


X-Financial Services
The X-Financial Services module covers tax and consulting topics for financial service providers.

Fee-based thematic packages

Actuarial Services

Everything about with insurance mathematics.


Capital Markets & Accounting Advisory PRIME

Specialist information on national and international accounting for financial service providers, focus on IFRS.  



Our electronic library offers selected publications by our experts on central topics such as IFRS for banks or supervisory law and is continuously supplemented and updated.


Knowledge Transfer

"Our knowledge for you", delivers FS topics according to formats: event notes, publications, studies and surveys, and tools.



Licensed content from IDW, DRSC and IFRS Foundation: Included in the price when booking the paid FS offer


Risk & Regulation

Everything about supervisory law, compliance and risk management for financial service providers.


The module contains specialist information, studies and latest developments in the area of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Sustainability Reporting, Sustainable Finance (SF) and European Green Deal.


Technology & Process

This topic is about IT infrastructures, the use of specific IT applications for financial service providers, effects on accounting-related business processes and upstream value-adding core processes.


The stated prices are excluding sales tax. 

  • PwC Plus Free
    for free
    • Includes the full range of free thematic packages (see section "Offered thematic packages")
  • PwC Plus Enterprise
    upon request
    per year and user
    • Contains all services from the "PwC Plus Full Services" package
    • More than 10 users

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