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Construction Hub – Digital management and controlling of your construction site

The construction project management software for a smart construction site

Challenges of digitalisation in the construction industry

Complex construction and infrastructure projects always require the cooperation of all project partners. As a rule, this cooperation is very time-consuming and error-prone. Consequently project goals such as costs, deadlines and quality standards are being missed on a regular basis. Companies are faced with a high initial outlay for workflows, processes and data structures.

Why are standardised project workflows and processes still associated with high manual effort? Why is there still no seamless integration from the construction site to the ERP? One of the reasons: The construction industry is characterised by a lack of digitalisation and insufficient live information of project progress. The result is a lack of transparency, inefficiencies and thus also delays and cost increases.

Construction Hub –Your solution for digital construction management

As a central collaboration platform for all project participants, the PwC Construction Hub structures all project-relevant data and simplifies complicated processes. The use of a central data and workflow engine allows efficient cooperation between all project partners throughout the entire project cycle.

By digitally mapping the project cycle, you can ensure project goals such as time efficiency, cost savings, quality as well as transparency for all parties involved.

How digital construction project management works with Construction Hub

The collaboration in the Construction Hub between client and contractor is digitally mapped and documented at all levels of the construction project.

WBS - Work Breakdown Structure

The Work Breakdown Structure enables a central project structure – the division and communication of all project partners is thus regulated within the work packages. The information from the modules is being linked to the central project structure in transparent, digital processes.

Contract Management

Through our contract management module, the legal basis of the project is transparently stored in the system. Based on the contracts, work packages can be derived and centrally stored in our Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).

Central cost sheet

The cost sheet provides a consolidated view of the current costing. The structure of the sheet is derived from the work breakdown structure and the content fills automatically through the work in the modules.

Progress report

The progress report provides all project partners a transparent overview of the project status of the construction site. In addition, the respective contact persons provide progress reports upon request at any time.


Thanks to the digital possibility of submitting and collecting invoices, they can always be clearly assigned to services.

Follow-up management

The Construction Hub's follow-up management enables a completely integrated view and financial evaluation of supplements and changes.

Risk management

In our Risk management module, users can systematically record and assess risks to the business operations of a company.

Scheduling and budgeting

With the Construction Hub, you have an overview of all deadlines and budgets at all times and can thus prevent unforeseen costs.

How you benefit from the construction project management software

Best Practices

In the Construction Hub, your construction project benefits from integrated workflows from many years of consulting experience in the construction sector.


Through a uniform digital project structure across all partners and processes, our tool offers transparent and efficient collaboration that is comprehensible to all stakeholders.

All costs in view

By digitally mapping budgets, contracts and invoices, risks can be identified and communicated at an early stage. This significantly reduces your risk of going over budget.


We offer fast and flexible adaptation to individual customer requirements so that the PwC Construction Hub is optimally tailored to your construction project.

Viability for the future

Based on the open source technology and the permanent further development of the project management software, the adaptation of future technologies is possible.

Increased productivity

Recurring, standardised, and digital processes in the PwC Construction Hub enable you to complete more projects with higher quality.




Onboarding of your project groups by our team

  • Onboarding: € 1,600 per day
  • Support throughout your project from our team Helpdesk+: € 1,500 per day
Customised offer

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How does construction function without the Construction Hub?

Construction and infrastructure projects suffer from unstructured and manual, non-digital business processes. Complex projects require highly specific IT solutions and regularly involve many partners with individual IT landscapes who only work together temporarily. These projects are characterised by frequent changes. Most existing IT solutions are not designed for industry-specific needs, are not flexible enough or are too complicated and expensive.

Does the Construction Hub's data protection policy comply with the requirements of the German and European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

Data security and compliance is ensured through our PwC Identity Encryption and PwC Audit.

Can the Construction Hub be adapted to customer-specific requirements?

Yes, although the Construction Hub is based on best practices and certain standards, the tool can be adapted to your individual needs if required.

How quickly can PwC implement the solution in your company?

Through our Onboarding Service Package, PwC accompanies you throughout the implementation of your project. Workshops and other support will accelerate your start with the PwC Construction Hub.

Is a client service provided by PwC?

Our Helpdesk+ service package provides you with particularly fast and uncomplicated support for your concerns.

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