ICAAP Visualiser

Optimisation of your ICAAP capital planning

High time and coordination requirements for numerous decisions on ICAAP capital planning

The regular updating of the ICAAP capital planning (Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process) is time-consuming and ties up extensive capacities in a wide variety of areas, as the responsibilities for the individual elements are often widely dispersed. Another complicating factor is that the underlying data and calculations are usually decentralised and available in non-coupled systems.

Your benefits

50 %

Efficiency increase

With the ICAAP Visualiser, you can make your ICAAP capital planning more efficient


faster processing

Central data availability and flexible handling of input data enable faster processing

100 %


With the ICAAP Visualiser, you can track the integration of the economic and normative perspective in your capital planning at any time


Make faster and better ICAAP decisions with our capital planning visualisation.


Immediate scenario simulation of the effects of various assumptions on your capital planning, including the mapping of long-term planning horizons (e.g. for ESG scenario analyses in accordance with the ECB Guide).


Modular structure for easy expansion, e.g. with various individual assumptions, additional adverse scenarios and supplementary regulatory requirements (e.g. MREL).


Audit-proof documentation of derivations from medium-term planning, assumptions on internal and external effects as well as individual scenarios.

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