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Excel-based management of private assets entails some risks

Large private asset structures are complex: the various assets are often divided among individual family members over many generations. In most cases, one person (family member/family office) takes on the challenging task of reporting the entire family assets. Excel is usually used to maintain an overview of the composition and development of the portfolio. The manual management of complex private assets entails some risks:

  • The statement of assets can quickly become unclear and complex and is particularly susceptible to errors due to manual administration.
  • The data is insufficiently protected. In particular, the local backup and e-mail transmission of data represent significant security vulnerabilities.
  • All asset owners are dependent on the administrative competence of one or a few individuals. There is a key-person-risk, especially if this person leaves.

Analyse, manage and protect private wealth – with PwC's wealth management platform

The Wealth Compass is a digital reporting and wealth management solution that displays your asset portfolio in a holistic and clear way. Our wealth management platform allows you to keep an eye on the performance as well as the opportunities and risks of your assets in just a few clicks. You receive real-time insights into all your liquid and illiquid asset components. The wealth management software enables you to manage your private assets securely and for the long-term.

Special features include: all liquid asset components (portfolio at various banks) are uploaded fully automated and consolidated in the private wealth management software. In addition, all account movements flow into the wealth management platform and can therefore be allocated to the illiquid assets.

With our wealth management software, you not only get a structured and detailed representation of the composition and ownership distribution of your portfolio. There is also the option of securely storing all important information, e.g. contacts and documents in one place – right at asset level.

Your added value with Wealth Compass: digital private wealth management with PwC's expertise

Comprehensive private wealth management technologies require internal resources who are familiar with operating these technologies. This is why PwC offers the Wealth Compass. On the one hand, you gain access to a digital and state-of-the-art wealth management platform. On the other hand, if desired, you can benefit from our PwC experts taking over the complete accounting, administration and quality assurance of the data. We help you navigate through all steps of our private wealth management software and will be at your side to provide advice. This allows you to concentrate on strategic decision-making instead of entering transactions and managing data.

The Wealth Compass is suitable for already existing, often very comprehensive single family office structures that would like to digitalise and professionalise themselves. At the same time, it is ideal for families who want to start managing their private assets in a structured way and who, due to their still smaller asset base, would like to have a kind of virtual single family office setup.

Modular structure of the wealth management platform

The Wealth Compass consists primarily of two modules, which are customised by PwC experts to suit your family office and your asset structure.

  • 01
    Module 1: Global Wealth Map

    This tool is the primary data repository that also serves as data storage for the second module, the Consolidated Portfolio Analysis. In the Global Wealth Map, all asset components are mapped together with all relevant data, documents and contacts. This gives you a comprehensive representation of ownership and asset structure.

  • 02
    Module 2: Consolidated Portfolio Analysis

    The Consolidated Portfolio Analysis provides you with a holistic overview of your portfolio and helps you make data-driven decisions and manage the risk of your assets with the option of a very detailed analysis.

The advantages of the wealth management platform

  • Comprehensive overview of assets

    You gain a transparent, consolidated overview of your business and personal assets in real time. Our wealth management software is individually adapted to your family and asset structures.

  • All documents and contacts in one place

    Bring all your important wealth data, documents, contacts, activities and communications securely and traceably together in one place. Our digital vault stores, organises and monitors your documents and notifies you when they need updating.

  • 24/7 access to your wealth management software

    Access Wealth Compass at any time, anywhere in the world, manage your portfolio and keep an eye on it through alerts (e.g. on security prices, performance fluctuations and portfolio movements) with our mobile access (via app/ browser).

  • Make informed decisions

    Accurately track the distribution of and changes in your total assets, identify risks faster and make informed, data-driven decisions based on detailed reports and analysis.

  • Wealth management at the highest security level

    You benefit from military-level security standards with our EU data protection-compliant wealth management solution. All data is stored exclusively in Switzerland.

  • Let private assets be managed simply and efficiently

    Increase the efficiency, speed and quality of your wealth management with the automated back office of our solution.

  • Sustainable wealth management for your family

    The wealth management platform not only allows you to manage your private assets, you can also arrange your estate and succession in a secure and comprehensible manner.

  • More efficiency through individual access rights

    You decide who sees which asset components and who is allowed to make changes or delete content. This way you retain full control and enable efficient use of the private asset management software within a predefined framework.


  • Wealth Compass
    Starting from € 18,000
    per year

    The accurate price depends on the complexity of your assets and the desired scope of support by our family office team.

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How long does it take to implement the wealth management platform?

The exact implementation time of our wealth management software depends on the size of the assets and the complexity of the individual components. On average, the wealth management platform is ready for use after approximately two to six months.

Are there individualised access rights to the private asset management software?

Yes, access rights can be assigned individually. With our wealth management software, you can show and maintain a section of your total portfolio to partners or advisors without having to disclose your other asset components. This is very helpful, for example, in the area of property management by external service providers.

Where is the wealth management software data stored?

Your data is stored in a Swiss high-security data centre, where data from central banks is also kept securely. Additionally, a backup of your data is also stored in Switzerland in a second data centre.

Can information from the wealth management platform also be read out as a PDF?

Yes, you have the option of compiling reports individually in our wealth management software and having them output as a PDF.

Can editors make changes unnoticed?

No, all changes are tracked. A logbook system enables you to trace and assign all processing steps.