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InvestorTax@OneClick - Tax Compliance Tool for institutional investors of investment funds

Fast calculation of tax values of investments

Challenges for institutional investors in fund taxation

Institutional investors, especially (life) insurance companies, regularly have a wide range of investments (funds), which poses special challenges in the context of the annual tax compliance processes. Extensive calculations based on the individual fund transactions are required to determine the tax values. This is especially true in the context of investments in (special) investment funds according to the new reform of the German Investment Tax Act and to calculate and develop the transitional values. Fund investors face the following challenges in particular:

addProcurement of information
pageviewPreparation of transaction data
inputBalance sheet corrections
launchOff-balance sheet corrections
mode_commentDeclaration on the separate determination of the (notional) profit
multiline_chartTreatment of the VERÄUßERUNGSFIKTION in the commercial and tax balance sheet

The solution - The new German Investment Tax Act (InvStG) made easy

InvestorTax@OneClick offers you a simple and tool-based solution for the determination of tax key figures according to old and new German Investment Tax Act (for the purposes of tax returns, annual audits or tax audits). All you have to do is provide us with the transaction data and you will then receive the necessary calculations and results clearly prepared and presented in detail.


We use a standardized and automated process for data processing, without media breaks or manual intervention. Processing costs and susceptibility to errors are sustainably reduced.

If the tax-relevant values of the investment funds are not publicly accessible (e.g. for special investment funds), we define a catalog with relevant taxation data (so-called investor reporting) together with you and design the process of data delivery by the capital management company or the fund. All you have to do is provide us with the transaction data. We look forward to help you with the preparation.

As a result of our work, you will receive from us all investor-specific taxation bases for your investment funds: balance sheet and off-balance sheet corrections as well as the appropriate further developments. We are happy to adapt the scope and level of detail of the analyses to your needs.

The benefits of the tool

attach_moneyTime and cost savings

Our automated solution enables a considerable increase in efficiency compared to the manual determination of key tax figures and creates new value-adding resources.

thumb_upReliable and tool-based calculation of the values

By means of our tool "InvestorTax@OneClick", manual calculation, formula or transfer errors are reduced to a minimum, even taking into account the special tax features.

show_chartClear and comprehensible presentation of the results

You will receive the finished calculations clearly sorted by company and fund (if applicable, securities account) as well as structured according to the various tax bases to be calculated.

checkQuick check of existing values

A fast calculation of large amounts of data also enables a plausibility check of values for past years (e.g. identification of risks in tax audits) or current values (e.g. time savings in tax reporting).


You receive the calculations from us at an unrivalled low fixed price, which is based on the actual calculations required (number of funds, type of funds as well as number of transactions and investors). You pay only what you need in each case meaning planning and cost security for you. The price quoted is exclusive of VAT and initial implementation costs.

from € 5,000
  • Coverage of up to 3 (special) investment funds

Simple determination of tax key figures before and after the reform of the German Investment Tax Act

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