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Rule Scanner

Solution for financial service providers to monitor regulations

Legal and regulatory horizon scanning and risk mapping

Financial services companies are facing an era of unprecedented regulatory scrutiny. They are thus operating in an increasingly complex legal and regulatory environment. This complexity is compounded by the multiple and often competing requirements set out in regulations or regulatory expectations. These can vary by market sector, asset class, jurisdiction and type of regulated activity. Regulations are also set by various global, regional and national competent authorities.


50 %

Reduced costs

With Rule Scanner, you can reduce compliance costs by up to 50% – freeing up in-house legal, regulatory, compliance and risk teams to spend their time on more important areas.


> 1.500

Regulators, supervisors, legislators and industry associations

You can choose from over 1.500 regulators, supervisors, legislators and industry associations in over 170 countries and customise which Horizon Scanning and Risk Mapping of Tier 1, 2 and 3 authorities are relevant to your business units and 3LoD structure.

Our solution for financial services companies

The Rule Scanner creates standardised definitions and data (thus avoiding manual processes and errors) and offers targeted updates compared to other technological solutions currently available on the market.


Overcoming challenges with structured insights and risk information

With Rule Scanner, you can seize opportunities in real time to capture, interpret and implement legal as well as regulatory changes. It also allows you to look back and plan for future versions of legal and regulatory instruments and guidance.


Seamless, smart and enterprise-wide compliance frameworks

The Horizon Scanning solution provides a framework for regulatory compliance that evolves over time with guidance from regulators and adaptation of your own policies and procedures.


Simple, timely cooperation

The Rule Scanner provides transparent tracking through workflow tools to take timely preventive and remedial action based on actional impact assessments of potential legal and regulatory change.


Reduce complexity through greater compatibility with other systems

Our solution uses APIs and digitised policies and procedures. These are more cost-effective to track, amend, update as well as review and require fewer paper or PDF files.

In the Spotlight


Small financial institution*

  • Horizon scanning of legal and regulatory sources
  • Applicable to business models of Tier 1 authorities

from € 15,000

Further services are charged on request

Medium financial institution*

  • Horizon scanning (applicable to Tier 1 and Tier 2 authorities, depending on the business model)
  • Quarterly counselling sessions
  • Free provision of curated "thought leadership" content
  • Optional: Workflow tool from
    € 50,000

from € 35,000

Further services are charged on request

Medium-sized financial institution*

  • Horizon scanning and risk mapping (applicable to Tier 1 and Tier 2 authorities depending on business model)
  • Targeted access to the fines database
  • Monthly counselling sessions
  • Optional: Workflow tool from
    € 125,000

from € 100,000

Further services are charged on request

Large financial institution*

  • Horizon scanning and risk mapping (applicable to level 1,2 and 3 authorities)
  • Full access to the fines database
  • Complete dashboard functions for management information
  • Monthly preparation of management information reports
  • Consultations on request

from € 150,000

Optional: (a) Workflow tool from
€ 175,000
(b) Risk control self-assessment functions from € 50,000

(G) SIFIs and higher*

In addition to the above core services, we offer customised packages:

  • Preparation of weekly or monthly management information reports
  • Enterprise-wide regulation and GRC mapping
  • Digitisation of internal policies and procedures as well as systems and controls

The Rule Scanner is available in various annually billed pricing models. These are calculated based on the complexity of the financial services companies and the number of jurisdictions and authorities to be covered. Additional costs, e.g. for digitising policies and procedures to enable automatic intelligent updates, depend on specific needs and are subject to customised pricing.

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