Internal Audit Escape Game

Internal Audit Escape Game – the online escape game specially designed for internal audit teams

The serious business game combines fun with professional knowledge

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Our unique online escape room for internal audit

Book our online escape game for internal audit teams now. PwC offers a browser-based serious business game for your next virtual team event, Christmas party or job application phase. Team spirit, dexterity and auditing skills are required in the 90-minutes Internal Audit Escape Game to solve the case. Your gaming event will be professionally guided by a game master.

Game concept: “The Clever!Com Solutions scandal”
Samuel Wilder, CFO of the fictional Clever!Com Solutions GmbH, receives an anonymous letter from a whistleblower. The matter is serious, the whistleblower provides concrete indications of  possible fraud. To determine if the indications are justified within the context of an ad hoc audit, the CFO confidentially turns to you – his internal audit team.

Discover the riddle fun for your next virtual team event

Play our unique escape game for internal audits with your team. You can flexibly choose the number of players and teams that play against each other. The gamified training takes place entirely online. The teams play against each other and solve tricky riddle tasks related to the fictitious case and internal audit topics. Additionally, the game can also be used during the application phase to assess the skills and knowledge of applicants.

  • Online Escape Room

    Play our escape game online from anywhere and allow flexible participation of your team members. You decide the number of groups and players as well as the time and place.

  • Suspenseful white-collar crime case

    This case of financial crime combines auditing knowledge with playful and entertaining elements.

  • Multilingual

    You can play the online escape game for internal audit teams in German or English.

  • Increase group dynamics and cohesion

    The serious business game is designed for group dynamics and team cohesion in companies.


  • Internal Audit Escape Game
    € 45
    per player for a minimum of € 500

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What is an online escape room?

An online escape room is a browser-based game where a group has to solve a series of riddles in a certain amount of time. By solving the riddles, the players reach the exit through one or more rooms and successfully complete their mission.

Who is the Internal Audit Escape Game suitable for?

The gamified training is designed for internal audit teams and requires basic auditing knowledge. In the game, players can expect tasks related to internal auditing, as well as playful tasks that require group work and logical thinking.

How does the process and organisation work?

We offer a full-service package. After booking, we will connect you with our online event specialists, who will conduct a preparatory meeting with you and a technical check about seven days before the event. The event is then accompanied and moderated via the communication platform of your choice and lasts two hours.