Quality Self-Assessment Validation

Efficient assessment of your internal audit

How do you evaluate your internal audit?

According to the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), in order to make a statement about the quality of the auditing processes, internal auditors must have an external assessment carried out at least every five years by an independent assessor who does not belong to the company.


Industry expertise in the field of internal auditing

PwC brings industry knowledge from countless internal audits, DIIR (German Institute for Internal Auditing) working groups, and advocacy groups. You benefit from this. Validation is performed with in-depth knowledge and practice-oriented methods.

Efficient and user-friendly

The Quality Self-Assessment Tool offers you the cost-effective alternative. We provide you with the necessary infrastructure and ensure that you can complete your assessment quickly and efficiently through our tool. In addition, both the process and the infrastructure are modular. You maintain an overview at all times and get the package that suits you.

Compliance and marketing for your internal audit

The results of the review meet all requirements for validation in accordance with IIA Standard 1312. Give your stakeholders comprehensive insights into the design of your auditing processes and also help to meet regulatory requirements, e.g. the monitoring of internal auditing by the supervisory board in accordance with the German Commercial Code. Compliance and marketing in one!

Three steps to Self Assessment Validation



  • Onboarding and kick-off. We provide you with all necessary information via video conference.
  • You get access to the tool and submit your Quality Self-Assessment directly online. Simple and secure.
  • Optionally, you can supplement the preparation with a PwC workshop in person at your location – so you receive personal support and benefit from the know-how of our experts. Optimal preparation for you as a self-assessor!


  • Now it's our turn: We evaluate your documentation. Complete? Comprehensible?
  • You then walk us through your documents in a two-hour appointment.
  • Our review takes no longer than 5 working days.
  • Optionally, we also conduct a stakeholder survey with up to 20 participants or a PwC best practice comparison, with a detailed comparison of your internal audit processes with other companies.


  • We are done! Now you will receive our results for your Quality Self-Assessment.
  • We discuss the results together in a video conference.
  • Further questions? Please contact us!


Self Assessment Validation

  • Kick-off meeting via video conference
  • Provision of the tool for recording your self-assessment, including the information you require
  • Conducting a personal meeting at your site to discuss the relevant documents
  • Review of your self-assessment generally within 5 working days
  • Processing of the results of our review
  • Presentation of our results in a final meeting via video conference 
  • Dispatch of the results

from € 6,900

Preparatory workshop

  • Additional implementation of a two-hour workshop to prepare for the validation of your self-assessment in person at your location
  • Discussion of the key elements of the questionnaire as well as industry best practice approaches to assessing each criterion
  • Discussion of your questions with our experts

€ 1,000

Online survey

  • Provision of a standardized questionnaire for interviewing up to 20 participants and, if necessary: joint coordination to adapt the questionnaire to your requirements
  • Recommendations and determination of the survey participants for optimal coverage of the feedback
  • Distribution of the survey links to the previously defined participants
  • Analysis, evaluation and processing of the survey results
  • Preparation of a detailed presentation of the results
  • Presentation of the results via video conference

€ 2,900

PwC best practice comparison

  • Analysis of various KPIs from your auditing processes and methods
  • Comparison of your KPIs with industry standard values
  • Evaluation of significant deviations from the PwC best practice comparison and presentation of possible optimization approaches
  • Presentation of the results via video conference and dispatch of the results presentation

€ 2,500

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