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Your challenge in the area of continued education & compliance

The training and development of a workforce is one of the most critical and decisive success factors within a rapidly changing environment. From regulatory changes to the central issue of digitisation - continuous training is essential for personal and professional development. If employees are not sufficiently trained, especially in regulatory matters, compliance risks can quickly become issues.

To manage this, traditionally, on-site training courses were usually the answer. However, this method offer little flexibility and doesn’t match our best methods for acquiring skills and knowledge. For example, neither speed, time nor repetition can be determined independently. In addition, the documentation of learning successes and the specification of suitable learning paths is difficult for team leaders, as digital recording mechanisms are missing.

Our solution

PwC's Training & Education Center is a Learning Management System (LMS) that helps you deliver online and live trainings with an unlimited number of participants. The platform offers both modern learning approaches and appreciates the different needs of different users, resulting in higher success. In addition, a manager function allows you to measure the learning progress of your employees and set individual goals and learning paths.

Also, your employees have the opportunity to determine their own learning pace and to arrange their training times flexibly. Furthermore, functions such as social learning or gamification create an incentive for them to complete training courses, leading to higher learning success. The content of the training modules can be tailored to your needs, making the platform a practical solution for all industries.

Benefits of the Training & Education Center

device_hubHolistic solution

With PwC's Training & Education Center you can immerse yourself in the world of digital learning - all the necessary functionalities are combined in one solution. Only the Training & Education Center offers you the combination of high-quality training delivered by PwC industry experts and a world-class learning platform to achieve optimal learning outcomes.

schoolEfficient learning

Provide your teams with the learning opportunities they need to be successful. With learning content that is always up-to-date and motivating, created by PwC experts, it's easy to learn - anytime, anywhere. Your employees benefit from state-of-the-art learning features such as gamification and social learning. The flexibility of our solution ensures that your staff members are eager to learn.

equalizerManage learning progress

You are given the opportunity to actively monitor learning progress and track acquired skills within your company. An easy-to-use dashboard gives you a comprehensive overview of the compliance status of your employees with regard to regulatory training and assists you in maintaining the right team for the job.

Views of the e-learning tool

Collage von Screenshots des Training & Education Centers

Insights into the LMS content

VAT Basic Training

VAT Basic Training
Employees from the Finance department and/or in Shared Service Centers regularly make VAT-related decisions without the necessary specialist knowledge. In order to provide these employees with a professional qualification, the VAT training courses offer various time-limited modules (approx. 60 - 90 minutes each) on different topics. Typical requirements of the respective specialist areas are taught, e.g. for the finance area VAT Basics, invoice receipt verification for Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable etc. The VAT Basic Training shown above serves as an introduction to the VAT system. This module shows why VAT is of such great importance and also provides basic terminology. The acquired knowledge is used to be able to correctly assess VAT issues in accordance with the legal regulations.



Transfer Pricing Training

Transfer Pricing Training
The transfer pricing training courses contain several modules with expert knowledge on various topics. Different qualification levels can be acquired by successfully completing our training courses. The contents of the subject areas are divided into 30-60 minute long modules.

Basic knowledge is conveyed in the 5 basic modules. The topics covered are (1) Introduction to transfer pricing, (2) Application of transfer pricing methods, (3) Functional and risk analysis, (4) Documentation and (5) Benchmarking.

For tax experts there are the Advanced Modules on specific transfer pricing topics. In addition, the optional modules offer content on current and other transfer pricing topics (e.g. economic crisis, taxation of the digital economy).



eLearning Fit für die Kassenschau

eLearning "Fit für die Kassenschau"
Our eLearning "Fit für die Kassenschau" can also be found as a special offer on the LMS.




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The respective period of use for each training is 6 - 12 months. The more trainings a user completes, the lower the price per individual training.
1-20 users
€ 100 - 155 per user and training
  • Full access to all platform and reporting functionalities
  • Access to selected training modules held by industry experts
  • Possibility for on-demand and classroom trainings
21 - 300 users
€ 45 - 150per user and training
  • Full access to all platform and reporting functionalities
  • Access to selected training modules held by industry experts
  • Possibility for on-demand and classroom trainings
301+ users
€ 25 - 100per user and training
  • Full access to all platform and reporting functionalities
  • Access to selected training modules held by industry experts
  • Possibility for on-demand and classroom trainings

Flexible and traceable learning success for your company

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Will the trainings be suited for mobile devices as well?


It is generally possible to provide trainings for mobile devices. However, this requires additional effort (not included in the price) and special preparation by you.

What about data protection?


The security of your employees' data has the highest priority in our LMS. Of course, the hosting, processing and storage of data are set up in accordance with GDPR. You will find more detailed information in our privacy policy (in German).

I have special requirements for my training.


Let us know your special requirements and we will have a look into what's possible.

What is the difference to the Data Analytics Academy?


The Data Analytics Academy focuses on raising the data literacy, while above platform-based offering covers topics around tax and compliance.

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