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PwC’s Training & Education Center – Grow in Tax & Legal – Flexible Up- & Reskilling

Modern learning methods for the workforce of the future

Modern learning solutions to meet your training & compliance challenges

Employee training and development is one of the most important cornerstones for building expertise and promoting employees. Ongoing training is also essential to ensure that employees can meet their compliance requirements.

Therefore PwC has been offering classroom training for many years. However, teams that are networked across regions and new workplace models increasingly require digital or hybrid training opportunities in order to be able to offer employees flexible access to appropriate learning opportunities, both in terms of location and time. At the same time, the integration of digital offerings simplifies the documentation of learning success and the specification of suitable learning paths.

Our solution

With the Training & Education Center, we are expanding our existing classroom training offer with high-quality e-learning modules. This way, we offer a flexible training concept that also guarantees the desire to learn and the intended learning success in the digital environment.

We offer you modern training content on tax, legal and compliance topics, among others, which can either be accessed via our state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS) or embedded in your company's LMS. 

The LMS we provide helps you to conduct online and live training courses with an unlimited number of participants. Your employees benefit from state-of-the-art learning features such as gamification and social learning. The flexibility of our solution ensures an increased motivation to learn among your workforce. 


Benefits of the Training & Education Center

device_hubDemand-driven solution

PwC's Training & Education Center immerses you in the world of digital learning – the Training & Education Center offers a fully functional LMS, various e-learnings in SCORM format, and the option to use both individually or to combine and customize them according to your needs.

In addition to the already existing training offers, learning modules can be created that are individually tailored to your company's needs - either as e-learning or in other training formats. This makes the Training & Education Center a viable solution for all industries.

schoolHigh quality didactics

In order to provide learners with the best possible e-learning experience, we create our trainings with attention to the use of modern didactic principles. In addition, we provide current training material and update it regularly so that your employees always have access to the latest learning content. This gives them the opportunity to easily continue their education with up-to-date learning content anytime and anywhere.


We provide knowledge at the highest professional level to offer you a basis for the implementation of diverse compliance requirements in the company (from data protection to Tax CMS). By conducting and documenting training courses, we contribute to a functioning and efficient compliance management.

Views of the Learning Management Systems

Collage von Screenshots des Training & Education Centers

Insights into our learning content

Click through the available content.

VAT Basic Training

Value Added Tax (VAT)
Employees from the Finance department and/or in Shared Service Centers regularly make VAT-related decisions without the necessary specialist knowledge. In order to provide these employees with professional know-how, the VAT training courses offer various time-limited modules on different topics. Typical requirements of the respective specialist areas are taught here.
The following training courses are currently available:

  • VAT Basics (DE/EN): Part 1 & 2 each 45min
  • VAT Compliance (DE/EN): Part 1 & 2 each 45min
  • VAT Accounts Payable (DE/EN): Part 1 & 2 each 45min
  • VAT Accounts Receivable (DE/EN): in creation


Transfer Pricing Training

Transfer Pricing
The transfer pricing training courses contain several modules with expert knowledge on various topics. Basic knowledge is conveyed in the five basic modules. For tax experts there are the advanced modules on specific transfer pricing topics. Optional modules are currently being developed for this purpose with content on current and other transfer pricing topics (e.g. economic crisis, taxation of the digital economy).
The following training courses are currently available*:

  • Introduction to transfer pricing: 45min
  • Function and risk analysis: 30min
  • Application of TP methods: 45min
  • Benchmarking: 60min
  • Transfer pricing documentation: 60min

*At the moment, all trainings are available in German. The English trainings are currently being created.




eLearning Fit für die Kassenschau

e-learning "Fit for the Cash Register Audit"
Our e-learning "Fit for the Cash Register Audit"can also be found as a special offer on the LMS.



Further training content
In addition to the previously listed training content, the Training & Education Center covers further topics. In order to be able to offer you a wide range of training courses, further training courses are currently being developed in the areas listed above.




Contact us for further content

Blended Learning

The Training & Education Center offers much more than just e-learning. In addition to our online learning modules, we are happy to put together individual training offers for you. For example, you can combine e-learning with virtual classroom training and face-to-face training according to your needs.

An exemplary Learner Pathway for transfer pricing could look as follows:

Pricing for the LMS

The duration of use for each training module is 6 - 12 months. The more trainings a user completes, the lower the price per individual training. The final price is the sum of a one-time fee of 100€ for the entire onboarding and the prices per user and training listed below. We will be happy to inform you about prices for individual trainings in SCORM format on request.

1-20 users
€ 100 - 155 per user and training
  • Full access to all platform and reporting functionalities
  • Access to selected training modules held by industry experts
  • Possibility for on-demand and classroom trainings
21 - 300 users
€ 45 - 150per user and training
  • Full access to all platform and reporting functionalities
  • Access to selected training modules held by industry experts
  • Possibility for on-demand and classroom trainings
301+ users
€ 25 - 105per user and training
  • Full access to all platform and reporting functionalities
  • Access to selected training modules held by industry experts
  • Possibility for on-demand and classroom trainings

Let’s start the education of the future now with the Training & Education Center

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Does data protection comply with the requirements of the GDPR?


The security of your employees' data has the highest priority in our LMS. Of course, the hosting, processing and storage of data are set up in accordance with GDPR. You will find more detailed information in our privacy policy (in German).

Can individual training courses also be created?


We are happy to create individual training content or supplement and adapt existing e-learnings according to your needs.

What is the difference to the Data Analytics Academy?


The Data Analytics Academy focuses on raising the data literacy, while the above offering covers topics around tax, legal and compliance..

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