Sustainability in focus: Holistic approach for companies

Our Sustainability Solutions

Check Your Value Chain

The cloud-based SCDDA software offers a professional end-to-end process for analysing and evaluating the entire business partner portfolio.

Billing Instance for utilities

With our cloud platform, companies can automate and reliably digitalise their meter-to-cash processes.


PwC's end-to-end tool identifies unused servers and then comprehensively guides the decommissioning process together with our experts.
Cloud & Digital

Check Your Data Infrastructure

Check Your Data Infrastructure serves as a starting point for optimising ESG data management in companies.

Taxonomy Classification

The EU Taxonomy Software for taxonomy compliance checks translates complex regulatory requirements simply into specially developed checklists.
Tax & Legal

Climate Excellence

With PwC's Climate Excellence, companies identify financial climate risks using climate scenario analysis software.
Risk & Regulatory

EQUAL-SALARY Certification

EQUAL-SALARY certification enables companies to demonstrate their values in terms of fairness and transparency in the workplace.

ESG Reporting Manager – CSRD

Securely implement an audit-proof sustainability reporting with our ESG software solution – with SAP Datasphere or SAP SCT as the basis.
Risk & Regulatory

This is how we support you with our Sustainability platform

The importance of sustainability is ubiquitous in our time. Political, regulatory and public pressure on companies is significantly increasing due to the climate crisis.

In the Spotlight

Quantum Computing as driver for sustainability initiatives

Information technology, including quantum computers, offers great potential for achieving sustainability goals and the economical use of resources.

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