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Climate Excellence

Scenario analysis software for companies

Know how climate risks and opportunities could affect your portfolio with just a few clicks

Current business models and their strategic resilience are facing major challenges from climate change. Although the consequences of climate change can change the risk-return profile of financial assets, there is often still too much intransparency and uncertainty about their potential impacts and drivers. However, it is precisely this transparency that regulators such as the European Central Bank (ECB), the UK Financial Services Authority (PRA) or the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and other regulators such as the EU Commission demand.



Scenario variants

Choose from eleven scenarios from the IEA, NGFS, IPCC and CRREM and optimally classify their impact on your portfolio by means of detailed descriptions.

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Years of market testing

Climate Excellence was developed with experts from the financial industry and also tested in the real economy.



Benefit from 100% coverage of 60,000 listed companies plus an additional 40,000 non-listed companies covered.



Our database covers all 193 states and 57 other sovereign territories and a wide range of financial parameters for an optimally differentiated analysis.

Understanding climate risks with minimal effort

Climate Excellence shows you investment needs, revenue and profit changes in selected scenarios as well as underlying technology, demand and price changes and regulatory measures per scenario.



Our SaaS solution only requires a minimum of information: The name of the companies included, their ISIN and their portfolio share. For real estate, the type (e.g. office), country, year of construction and value are necessary. Both collective and individual uploads are possible.


Analysis and visualisation

You can then view your relevant climate risks and opportunities, which are easily understandable as effects in sales and EBITDA for transitory risks, and EBIT and EBITDA for physical risks. For real estate, your investment requirements are also displayed.


Download the analysis results

You can download your results directly as an Excel file. For some applications, we also offer a PDF report for direct download.


Integration into internal systems

After downloading the analysis results, you can integrate them into your internal systems and data to enrich and optimise your risk management and strategic decisions.


Reporting according to CSRD and TCFD guidelines

Finally, you can disclose the lessons learned and your impact on your risk management and strategy in your sustainability report. The results from Climate Excellence are in line with the current CSRD guidelines and TCFD recommendations.

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