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EQUAL-SALARY Certification

Commit to equal wages in your company

Enhancing fairness and transparency

The EQUAL-SALARY certification enables companies to demonstrate their values of fairness and transparency in the workplace and thus set an important example of wage and gender equality between women and men.

Equal wages among women and men is becoming increasingly important for many companies. This can be a decisive competitive advantage, especially in the competition for the best talents.

Your benefits

Commit to equal pay for women and men and benefit from numerous advantages!

group_addEnhancement of employer branding
tag_facesIncrease of employee satisfaction
thumb_upImage improvement / CEO topic
trending_upProfitability & Consumer Expenditure Increase
wcIncrease of diversity
groupImprovement of employee retention
laptopEnhancement of performance
report_problemReduction of legal risks (e.g. EntgTranspG, CRD V)
new_releasesPublic recognition of a socially relevant issue

More success thanks to the EQUAL-SALARY certification

The European Commission recognizes EQUAL-SALARY as an approach to verify the fairness of pay between men and women.

The Federal Office for Gender Equality has financially supported the development of EQUAL-SALARY, as part of the Gender Equality Act.

How can your company commit to inclusion and diversity?

In three simple steps to the EQUAL-SALARY certification  


Statistical analysis

The EQUAL-SALARY statistical regression model analyses the wage difference; this difference needs to be inferior or equal to 5% and the regression strength (R²) must exceed or equal 90% in order to proceed to Step 2.

A list of individual employee cases falling outside these criteria is generated, enabling the company to put in place a specific action plan.

In the event of unsuccessful completion of step 1, the process may be paused for up to 12 months to make corrections.


On-site Audit

During an on-site audit, PwC local experts from the People & Organisation ("P&O") division, under the direction of the responsible auditors of PwC CH, conduct audit procedures in accordance with international standards on the following topics:

1. Management commitment to equal pay for men and women; 

2. Integration of equal pay strategies within the HR processes and policies;

3. Employee perception of the company pay practices.


Step 3: Certification

Depending on a successful outcome from the PwC audit, the company is awarded the EQUAL-SALARY Label from the EQUAL-SALARY Foundation.

This label is a clear demonstration of a company’s commitment to pay men and women equally, and can be used on all communication channels.

The certification is valid for 3 years. During this time PwC carries out two surveillance audits. You must demonstrate through your continued commitment and the implementation of measures that you apply a fair, non-discriminatory pay policy between women and men.

SVP Human Resources

A talented and diverse team of employees is crucial to our success as a company. This requires that we reward our employees of all genders fairly and transparently. These are exactly the values and principles that PMI stands for.

SVP Human Resources, Philip Morris International

Is your company ready for EQUAL-SALARY certification?

Use the Readiness Check to determine whether your company is ready for the EQUAL-SALARY certificate and gain valuable insights using the customized Pay Equity Dashboard, which allows you to visualize and analyze the gender ratio in your company across all dimensions.


Readiness Check
from € 5,000
  • Payroll data analysis
  • HR Policy Review
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Report
Digital Pay Equity Dashboard
up € 7,500
  • Independent assessment of the status of equal pay in your organization
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Visualization and analysis of gender relations across different dimensions (e.g. departments, degrees, ratings, seniority, etc.)

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