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Data Validation Hub

Ensuring Data Quality and Validity with your SAP S4/HANA Transformation

Avoid time-consuming manual reporting

The analysis of data quality and the final check for completeness and correctness of the data migration are essential components that accompany every SAP S/4HANA transformation project. The creation of meaningful reports for all areas and stakeholders requires both professional know-how and the technical prerequisites to be able to process and evaluate large amounts of data. Often, the existing reporting solutions and KPIs are not sufficient to fully address the individual needs of the various stakeholders. Consequently, a large number of manual reports are created at great expense of time, which often only look at individual topic areas in silos and offer a large attack surface for errors.

In addition, the data to be analysed often comes from several different systems and must first be transferred into a uniform data model for an exact analysis. Missing interfaces and tedious manual processes prevent the efficient generation of correct real-time reports, which are particularly necessary when migrating time-critical objects.

The Hub for automated Reporting, Data Analysis and Visualization

Product Overview


Data Insights

The Data Validation Hub offers you comprehensive insights into the quality of your data and the progress of a S/4HANA data migration before, during and after the migration. Based on our professional and technical know-how from a multitude of S/4HANA transformation projects, we have developed a state-of-the-art reporting solution that combines best-practice KPIs in a uniform data model.


Multiple Data Sources

With the help of our platform, a variety of different systems and data sources can be connected and analysed automatically (e.g. SAP ECC, Oracle DB, Excel/CSV data sheets). The reports provide the relevant information for different stakeholders from the C-Level to the operational level using drill-down functionalities. In this way, the productivity and speed of the individual teams as well as the quality of the reporting is significantly increased to best support your S/4HANA transformation.


Interactive Visualizations

The Data Validation Hub is designed for use in large SAP S/4HANA transformation projects. It is used to determine data quality as well as for accompanying validation of the complete migration lifecycle (end-2-end). Here, our best-practice KPIs are specifically tailored to your needs and environment. The results are presented graphically in an interactive MS Power BI dashboard, which provides you with an intuitive interface to your data.


Higher Efficiency at lower Costs

This enables efficient identification of data quality and data migration issues so that effective remediation actions can be taken immediately. Our Data Validation Hub thus offers you a supportive tool with which you can on the one hand reduce your costs for time-consuming and error-prone reporting and on the other hand can fully concentrate on the essential topics of your S/4HANA transformation.

Value-adding Features

timelineBest Practice KPIs

Our best-practice-KPIs, which we have successfully used in numerous transformation projects, provide you with quick and reliable initial insights into the quality of your data and the results of the data migration.

buildCustomized Reporting

Both the generated reports and our best-practice-KPIs can be quickly adapted to customer-specific requirements and migration objects.

tab_unselectedEmbedded Solution

We deploy our Data Validation Hub directly on your infrastructure to ensure the highest levels of data security and connectivity.

trending_upHighly automated

Our platform provides on-demand data transparency, increasing speed and the reduction of the manual effort required to consolidate and analyse data from multiple data sources.

done_allAll-in-one Solution

The Data Validation Hub covers various business-critical scenarios of a S/4HANA transformation, e.g. master data, logistics or finance & controlling.

fingerprintInteractive Dashboards

Your data is visualised with state-of-the-art self-service BI tools, giving you a quick and intuitive view of your data quality and migration status.


Data Validation Hub
from € 24,000one-time fee
  • Handover of the Alteryx Workflows
  • Handover of the MS Power BI Dashboards
  • Support in setting up Alteryx workflows and MS Power BI dashboards in your system environment
  • End-user Training (8 hours knowledge transfer and 2 hours of slight adjustments)
  • Configuration Training (Max 3 WD on requested on demand)

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How exactly does the Data Validation Hub support an SAP S4/HANA migration?


The Data Validation Hub supports you in all areas of your SAP S/4HANA Migration. The data to be migrated is checked for completeness and correctness at specially defined quality gates (e.g.: Checking the dataset in the source system, after the transformation and in the target system). Potential sources of error can thus be easily identified and circumvented.

Is it possible to use the Data Validation Hub for projects other than a migration project?


Yes. The Data Validation Hub solutions can also be used for data quality control of a running SAP S/4HANA system. Our solutions are also specifically suitable for validating the dataset of an SAP S/4HANA system.

What is required to use the Data Validation Hub?


In order to be able to use our Data Validation Hub at your premises, you need licences for the data processing software Alteryx and the visualisation software Power BI from Microsoft.

How is the data processed by the Data Validation Hub?


The data provided from the source systems to be validated goes through a two-stage process. Here, the data is converted into a standardised format using Alteryx data workflows designed by our team. This enables a fully automated evaluation and subsequent visualisation of the results in our MS Power BI dashboards developed for you.

Is it possible to adjust the purchased reports afterwards?


You can customise or extend the Alteryx data workflows or MS Power BI dashboards at any time. We provide you with techniques for customization and extension within the first training. Should you require further support from us, additional workshops can be arranged.

Which SAP areas are part of the Data Validation Hub by default?


The current version of the Data Validation Hub includes the following scenarios:

  • Master Data Validation of SAP Business Partner
  • End-2-End Migration Validation of SAP Business Partner
  • End-2-End Migration Validation of SAP Warehouse Inventory
  • Master Data Validation of the SAP Asset Master
  • Master Data Validation of the SAP Article Master
  • Comprehensive assessment of the data stock across various SAP data objects (SAP Operations Dashboard)

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