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Cloud Compliance & Security Inspector

Assess and monitor cloud security in your cloud environment

How secure is your cloud?

The variety of cloud services leads to a very high complexity in an IT landscape. Each cloud provider, such as Amazon or Google, also has its own unique security features using different technologies. Microsoft 365, for example, has more than 800 security-related configurations. Even a single misconfiguration can lead to major consequences for your company.

However, the verification of misconfigurations is very time-consuming and complex. Especially when using multiple cloud services, it is difficult to control and manage security.

The solution for cloud security

The Cloud Compliance & Security Inspector (CCSI) is a platform-based application for assessing and monitoring security configurations in hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud environments. 

CCSI verifies compliance to various standards and best practices e.g. NIST, CIS, ISO and provides comparable assessment results on the security settings of cloud environments from different cloud providers based on a standardized scoring system. In addition, the tool can be used for continuous monitoring of compliance with standards and requirements as well as user and authorization audits.


Features and benefits of the Cloud Monitoring Service


Automated monitoring of the multi-cloud environment provides real-time insights, showing status and details of the cloud environment's security controls. Controls of different domains are considered, such as identity and access management, data security, infrastructure security, and logging & monitoring.

tabBenchmarking & scoring model

CCSI verifies the compliance of the cloud environment with various standards and best practices including NIST, CIS, ISO as well as independent PwC Good Practices. Based on a standardized scoring system developed by PwC, comparable assessment results on the security of cloud environments from different cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.) are facilitated.

checkHolistic view

In addition to the automated benchmarking of the technical security configurations, the associated superordinated processes are identified, analyzed and evaluated. This ensures a fully comprehensive holistic view of the cloud environment.

visibilityIntegrated & versatile controls

You can audit user and privileged accounts and keep an eye on compliance status with the CCSI. Hundreds of built-in, automated controls are available in a flexible and customizable way - as well as the development of your own controls based on your individual requirements.

thumb_upManagement report and quick wins

Comprehensive reporting gives you detailed insights into the security of your multi-cloud environment. This includes easy-to-implement quick wins as well as long-term strategic recommendations. We use the results to prepare a roadmap tailor-made to your specific needs.

fingerprintIndependent consultation

PwC consulting services are independent of cloud providers and are performed by certified experts. Our recommendations are always risk-based and tailored to your specific needs.

Full-stack cloud security in all stages of the life cycle

Our experts support you in establishing the necessary measures to protect your cloud environment. In doing so, we take into account the risk profile of your company and the protection requirements necessary for your systems and data.



Baseline Check
€9,000per assessment
  • Cloud provider and service model independent
  • Security baseline for 5 cloud domains
  • Cloud process check
  • Automated* configuration check of 40+ PwC must-haves
  • Cloud risk report
  • Cloud security roadmap

*Tool-based with the Cloud Compliance & Security Inspector ©

Full Scope Assessment
Priceupon request
  • Fully comprehensive cloud assessment*
  • Comprehensive evaluation:
    • Cloud processes
    • Cloud configurations
  • 200+ best practices as well as customer specific rules
  • Detailed risk analysis
  • Risk mitigation recommendations
  • Maturity assessment
  • Management report

*Based on the established Cloud Security Governance Framework (CSGF). Includes all content included in Baseline Check.

Managed Service
Price*upon request
  • Implementation of the PwC Cybersecurity Baseline Check or an individual Cloud Security Assessment as a managed service:
    • Regular benchmarking
    • Regular report generation including interpretation of all results and recommendations

*Price is based on service scope and frequency

Cloud compliance and security made easy

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