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External Data Protection Officer (eDPO)

Professional support in data protection

Our Data Protection Officer for you

The assignment of a data protection officer for your company is compulsory in accordance with Art. 37 GDPR.

A data protection officer must not only be sufficiently qualified, but must also work independently from the company. Therefore, it is rarely possible to work in another department at the same time. Additionally, the work of a DPO requires extensive legal knowledge and experience with technical and organisational measures, which must be checked by the data protection officer.

Thanks to many years of data protection expertise from a large number of different industries, we guarantee a suitable qualification and expertise, which is maintained through regular training and advanced training measures. PwC is a reliable partner that provides your company with an external DPO.

Who benefits most from our service? Our main target group consists of small to medium-sized companies

Your Benefit

Industry-wide Know-how

Know-how from other industries and companies as well as a reduced risk of operational blindness

Access to the PwC Network

Know-how from PwC's extensive network of experts in various field

Unquestionable Neutrality
Neutral, independent position in the company (e.g. vis-à-vis customers, employees, works councils)
Full Cost Control

Enhanced cost control for the company (e.g. by eliminating training costs) and no tying up of company resources

Guaranteed Availability

Guaranteed availability through PwC internal agents

PwC-grade Competence

Guaranteed qualification and expertise through internal training and practice

Our Data Protection Officer takes over these tasks for you and your company

  • Consultation and comprehensive advice to the company
  • Monitoring compliance with data protection requirements
  • Compliance with your company's policies on the protection of personal data
  • Cooperation with the relevant data protection supervisory authority
  • Support with data protection relevant incidents in the company


Comparison - internal DPO
from € 92,000per year


  • € 56,000 salary
  • € 12,000 employer costs
  • € 3,000 basic and advanced training costs
  • € 1,000 travel expenses
  • € 15,000 representing DPO
  • € 5,000 other costs

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