Online Board Remuneration Analyser

Online Board Remuneration Analyser

Transparency and competitiveness in executive and supervisory board compensation

Conception and implementation of sustainable remuneration systems

The tool developed by PwC for executive and supervisory board compensation gives you a detailed insight into the compensation paid to executive and supervisory board members of the Dax family. Among other factors, the amount and structure of remuneration as well as relations within the Executive Board or Supervisory Board and between the individual bodies are considered.

Individual analyses

The dynamic filters allow you to adapt the analyses individually to your questions and thus carry out fact-based comparisons. In addition, our consultants are at your disposal for all matters relating to the remuneration of the Management Board and Supervisory Board and corporate governance.

Compensation study: Management Board and Supervisory Board

  • Overview of the development of compensation for Management Board and Supervisory Board members

    Development of remuneration 2014 to 2019

  • Composition of the remuneration of the Management Board

    Breakdown into fixed remuneration, short- and long-term variable remuneration, fringe benefits and company pension scheme

  • Compensation comparison between CEO and CXO

    Comparison of the remuneration differences between the individual positions on the Management Board

  • Compensation comparison between Chariman, Deputy Chairman and members of the Supervisory Board

    Comparison of remuneration differences within the Supervisory Board

  • Analysis of the remuneration for the chariman of the audit comittee

    Audit Committee as central committee within the Supervisory Board

  • Analysis of the key drivers of executive and supervisory board compensation

    Relationships with market capitalization, number of employees, etc.


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Your benefits


The Supervisory Board is responsible for reviewing the appropriateness of the remuneration of the Management Board. In addition to the required comparisons (horizontal and vertical comparison), the design of the system and the associated disclosure can also be assessed.

personOrientation & Motivation

The selection of the right KPIs for variable compensation and the design of the systems have a major influence on control and motivation. This is particularly important for the level of the Management Board.


Compensation systems are strategic systems with limited flexibility. As early as the design stage, care must be taken to anticipate future developments and to implement possible reactions within the system.

trending_flatTransparency & consistency

The General Meeting is gaining influence on remuneration. Adequate transparency and comprehensibility of the remuneration systems and reporting are required to meet the demands of the General Meeting.


Online analysis - executive and supervisory board remuneration in the Dax family
  • Self-service tool with 24/7 availability
  • Dynamic compensation comparisons of companies of the Dax family
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Individual benchmark
€ 5,000
  • Individual compensation comparison
  • Benchmarking against selected peer group
  • Preparation of an individual results report

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