Board Remuneration Analyser – Medium-sized Companies

Detailed insights into executive board remuneration help increase competitiveness in mid-sized companies

Insight into executive remuneration for medium-sized companies with the Board Remuneration Analyser

The Board Remuneration Analyser with its focus on medium-sized companies provides detailed information about the remuneration paid to executive board members in the private sector. The tool developed by PwC analyses the amount and structure of executive remuneration as well as the relations between the various executive positions.

The composition of the executive remuneration study


Overview of the composition of executive remuneration

Breakdown into fixed remuneration, short- and long-term variable remuneration, fringe benefits and company pension scheme


Remuneration comparison between different industries

From the industrial sector to financial services and non-basic consumer goods to energy and healthcare


Comparison of the remuneration of the individual management positions

Comparison of remuneration differences between "Chair of the Management Board", "Member of the Management Board" and "Sole Managing Director”


Analyse of...

... the variable remuneration components

  • Design of short and long-term variable remuneration in terms of vehicles used, cap, hurdle, etc.

... the composition of the management with regard to gender

  • Overview of the percentage of female executive board members

... the key drivers of executive board remuneration

  • Industry, turnover and number of employees

... fringe benefits with a focus on the company pension scheme

  • Design of fringe benefits focusing on pension schemes


Overview of the challenges in medium-sized companies

Sustainable governance and sustainability reporting as well as skilled labor shortage

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